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Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Sunlight only works if the Zombie has some way of converting the energy from light (or heat) to ATP, or else some other usable form. Your plants have an entire process for this: there are organelles in almost every plant cell to do this. Viruses (as generally agreed to be the cause of zombieism (zombism?)) do not have enough genetic material to do give the body a mechanism to do this with, ergo the argument about sunlight is invalid.
It does not make my argument invalid at all. We are arguing about the anatomy of a creature that has been displayed countless times as a different manifestation. Anything is possible when it comes to speculation about said "undead". Additionally, I would argue that if the virus has the ability to reanimate the corpse, it already has enough power to energize the brain in some form or fashion, without the need for consumption.
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