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Default Re: Our Worst Fear

Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
The military is not prepared for zombies, they are equipped for conventional warfare.
True, but it doesn't take military training to know how to take defensive positions and defend your shelter from zombies.

Automatic weapons are one of the worst things you could have against zombies. You need to be accurate, while maintaining maneuverability, which is something the M16a4 and M4a1 is not good at.
That's where the designated marksman rifle comes into play, which is a weapon issued to at least one or two men in every infantry unit. It's a mid-range rifle that fires typically single-shot or three-shot burst. The M16, and M4 both have the 3-shot burst or single shot burst setting as well. Also, M203 grenade launchers, GL40s with high explosive rounds, white phosphorus grenades, and frag grenades would all be effective against zombies.

Just to get one thing clear, are we talking about "L4D" zombies or "Resident Evil" zombies?
Lol, I have no idea. XD

You're a dummy head. :3
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