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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Shay Miru
Viridian City, Trainer School -> Route 2
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I half listened to…his name was Markus I believe, rant back at me. Considering his face, I could tell I hit something, and if this guy was going to be this emotional about this, wow I was going to stay far away from him, or end up battling sense into him, either with Asharas or my own fist. I leaned against the wall in the doorway, eyes closed and listening to what he was nearly screaming at me. I broke it down in my head.

"For the record, I'd probably explode from being around nine new trainers with conflicting personalities, so even if I was better than him at training and battling, I'd be turning down the job on being offered."
‘Shows how stable you are…’

"But I have my reasons for being critical. I recognise that he is a good trainer and has had experience with the whole concept of training and battling, he's been chosen for this position based on that-and that alone. Nothing else. The job description says he's here to do nothing more than protect us. Now, he's responsible for nine different lives, and not those of his Pokemon, but human lives-our lives, d**mit! Nine trainers, different backgrounds and personalities, at least two sporting supernatural powers!”
‘Yes, thank you for that statement Captain Obvious…I wouldn’t call it being critical though.’

“A journey through Kanto, which is home to massive rates of crime and aggressive, wild Pokemon willing to kill to defend their territory! A journey that can change worldwide laws and regulations that were already controversial to begin with, sporting fanatics and violence from both sides! And no matter what, no matter how planned out the whole thing is, something, at least one thing, minor or major, WILL go wrong!”
That’s where it really rubbed me the wrong way. Pokémon weren’t out to kill humans, yeah defend their turf because of some humans, but not out to kill them for defense. Yeah some were nastier than others but not out to kill unless they had to. They only did it for food and if whatever was threatening them would not cease to be a threat if that was what it had to resort to. Yeah this was a worldwide journey and if this was one of the people trying to change those laws, I wouldn’t be surprised of rebellion. There was always something in this world that was going to piss someone off, and right now Markus was pissing me off. Also with that much of an attitude, yeah sure something may go wrong, but now something was thanks to that guys way of thinking.

“The DM is not here to prevent us from getting into s**t. We are already IN the s**t. He's here to protect us from that s**t-and be ready to do so at any moment, ASAP. It's good when 'As Soon As Possible,' can translate to 'Now,' in emergency situations and the like, eh?. Moreover, it's not a question of if he's going to do that, but when. You all know I have a good point. This guy has to be ultra-competent. Whether he looks or sounds like it isn't it, it's whether he acts like it. I'm not going to get into a big fat debate over this, either, you guys KNOW I'm right, and you KNOW you don't want a fight with me right off the bat of this journey."
He contradicted himself, if we were in crap, then he should be protecting us all the time. He just said he was qualified in his own way, and was now questioning it. As for stating that we knew he had a point, no that was false, stating something of someone else was always wrong to do, and honestly, that second statement was wrong because at the moment, I did wanna fight with him. I knew Asharas was giving me a look and it prevented me from punching him in the face myself. I looked at her, and could see a bit of a calm vibe in her eyes, and I knew what that meant. That meant she’d battle that Nidoran of his for me or whatever other Pokémon he seemed to have on him when the time came. Let the boy think what he wanted, he was more scatterbrained than a Spoink that lost its pearl.

I stood and listened to the Defensive Master’s explanation. I understood it enough, and knew that from that explanation alone that this was going to be harder than expected. I was here because of my special gift, which was probably being able to communicate better with Pokémon better than people, and maybe that’s why my parents had sent me here, rather than social interaction. After that I zoned out a bit, listening in every so often to get to calming down a bit more. Things were going to get started and I wasn’t going to let skitter minded children ruin my day.

With Master Max gone, another quickly replaced him, coming towards myself and the nearby student I was pretty sure was Xiac. I stood up, Asharas still clinging to my shoulders, poking her head forward to look at the other adult in the trade of training. He spoke to us and I, even with my eyes closed, listened.

“Excuse me young Master Xiac and young Master Shay, I have a message of great importance for you. Master Max has requested that you and the team get ready to go on his signal. I'm not sure of what that is, but he said you would hear it. You are to take the team out the back doors of the building and make your way to Route Two. Once on Route Two, head north to the edge of Viridian Forest. Secure a camp site and wait for Master Max's arrival. Oh, and you're to do this with the utmost stealth. No one can see you or your group leave this building.”

My eyes snapped open. Wait wait, young master? I was to help take the team out stealthily-what was this? Before I could protest, Master Yin was gone and I stood there, half stunned. I looked at Asharas, who only looked at me, smiling cheekily. Karma? Yeah I knew that’s what she was thinking. I was just put in charge of a group of these people I had never met before and had to work with a stranger. Something was handed to us but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, so Asharas grabbed it for me. Great, now I had to make myself interact with these people rather than hanging back and doing minimal ‘social bonding’. Though being in charge would maybe help Markus shut up and not be so all over the place. Perhaps it was two way karma, I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t like the first sounds of this leader thing too much.

Regardless I had to think of something. I looked at the guy with the Psyduck, and he only looked away from me quickly. Either he was intimidated or he wasn’t one to work with girls. I was really hoping it was just intimidation. As he stood up, it seemed like he had some kind of plan. Sure, we could go with what he said and O could follow up with a field explanation. We were going to run into wild Pokémon and that is where my forte shone brightest. I was listening to the explanation of the other guy, trying to regain my composure. No sense in being flustered over what you couldn’t-

“The beautiful lady Shay-”
Beautiful lady? What was this flattery? Some hidden crush or him just trying to be nice? I looked at Asharas again and flicked her on the nose, giggling at what comment was just made to me. She scrunched her nose up a bit and snorted smoke, rubbing it as the guy finished his explanation. Beautiful? Yeah sure that was subjective to anyone who looked at me. Lady? Hell no, I was no lady of any kind. I climbed trees, wasn’t afraid to wade in mud, would knock you out with good enough reason, lady was the furthest thing away from what I was. As I tried to keep my face from turning the slightest bit pink, Xiac explained his plan of action, to none of which I disagreed with. As I was slowly becoming more and more calm, he finished, mentioning a signal. Whatever the signal was, I wasn’t sure, but it better have been obvious to us or no one was going to be sure.

“Save yourself! Rayquaza has come for us!”

I stood there a bit dumbfounded. Rayquaza? In Kanto? Really?

“Okay that’s the signal!”

“That’s the signal…” I thought out loud. “Yeah okay sure, whatever works.

As much as I found that use of a distraction rather stupid, I moved outside along with the rest of them, trying to get in front of the group as we headed out the back doors and onto the wide open road; A road of which we weren’t allowed to use. Asharas jumped off my shoulders and bounded off ahead, looking at the land as much as I was. Being stealthy was going to be an issue because of how large the group was, never mind that some of them hadn’t been around Pokémon as much as I had been. I looked left and right, noticing a heavier wall of flora and trees to our right, and a small bit of a cliff side. With a larger group, heavier forest meant we were less likely to be seen. Of course that meant more Pokémon, but that is something we could deal with. There were nine of us, all with varying type varieties. Hopefully my assumption of them having battling abilities would hold true. I stood up on a rock in front of everyone, pointing to their right.

“Everyone listen up.” I started, making sure everyone was paying attention as Asharas jumped on my arm, sitting just before my wrist and following my point. “There’s a way towards Viridian forest, that actually does go around it if my analysis of Kanto maps are correct. We’re going to pass through a small grove and stay under the cover of the fauna. Yes, it is a denser area most likely filled with more Pokémon, but as incorrectly as someone has claimed,” ‘Yes I am talking about you Markus…’ “Pokémon aren’t hostile unless given a reason to feel like we are a threat. As such I suggest that we move in pairs or a trio, since we are an odd number, with some distance between us so we look more like a moving group, rather than one big huddled mass that may cause some distress along the wild Pokémon. Being a bit thinned out will also make us harder to spot from the air, even with the trees. If we maintain this course of action until we find an area just outside the forest, we can set up a camp before dark and not have any major problems along the way. If anyone has any questions, we can walk and talk at the same time.”

With that, Asharas jumped from my arm and I lead everyone to a small opening alongside Route two, where a smaller bunch of trees were. I pulled myself up on a branch, and then another getting a good footing higher up in the tree. I waited for everyone else to follow, making it clear that we were going to have to climb over the little wall of bushes and flora. I jumped down the other side, behind a wall of tree trunks and looked back at everyone between the spaces.
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