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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

(awww it was fine XD)

“Hey, wait!” Kotomi heard Aiden call after her, though she didn't stop or even turn around to look at him as she continued to walk forward. The only thing she did besides walking was wipe away a few tears from her cheek that managed to escape her eyes. Kotomi heard footsteps quickly going towards her then, knowing that Aiden was planning on going after her once again. She thought about using her Supernatural speed to try and outrun Aiden but before she could she felt the much older Vampire grab her arm, bringing her to quickly turn her head to look at Aiden. The action didn't hurt at all as he pulled her towards him, the younger Vampire wanting to yell at Aiden to let her go but never got the chance, instead all of her negative emotions disappearing instantly as Aiden kissed her.

The action caught Kotomi completely off guard as she stood there frozen for a few moments, trying to process what was going on. She found herself pressing her lips against Aiden's however as she closed her eyes, feeling a whole new emotion that has been trying to make itself known ever since first laying eyes on Aiden, a feeling that could truly demolish any threat or evil: love. After a few more moments Aiden had pulled away from the kiss, to which Kotomi opened her eyes to meet his own silver ones. She could see he was processing everything that had just happened, trying to make sense of it all.

“You can’t leave.” Aiden said as he finally spoke, his grip still gently on Kotomi. “I know we’ve only known each other for a day, but I can’t stand the thought of you being gone. I want to stay by your side, to learn more about you, and help you overcome your fears. Even if you’re scared, you’re still strong. Together with everyone, you can overcome it. If you tell them how you’re feeling, I’m sure they will help you, too. Just… please don’t leave.” Aiden's words had recalled something to Kotomi; Supernatural creatures could fall deeply in love in just the matter of a day, and after quickly going through the emotions Kotomi has been feeling every time seeing Aiden, she figured out that's exactly what had happened.

"I promise that I won't leave." Kotomi said after a few moments in a soft voice, gently placing her hand on Aiden's cheek. She could clearly see the worry in Aiden's eyes, afraid of Kotomi leaving, to which she leaned up and connected her lips with Aiden's, the action feeling so right. After breaking the kiss a few moments later Kotomi wrapped her arms around Aiden and rested her chin gently on his chest, not saying a word as Klaus' image appeared a few feet away. At first Kotomi felt her heart slightly skip a beat at the sight of Klaus, but as the seconds passed her fear turned into protectiveness, giving Klaus a fierce glare as Klaus simply smirked when Kotomi stood her ground, his image disappearing a few moments later. Her expression softened once again, feeling safe in Aiden's arms.

"Like I said, Kotomi, if I am brought back and if no one gets in my way then no harm will come to any of you." Klaus' voice suddenly entered the morning air as Kotomi leaned her head up to look in all directions, though still keeping a hold on Aiden. "If I am not brought back however then I will make sure to make yours and your friend's lives a living hell. You have until sundown to make the decision." Klaus' voice then cut off, bringing Kotomi to look at Aiden. This time it was not fear that clouded her eyes, but determination to keep everyone who she loved safe.

"We have to bring him back." Kotomi said, knowing there was no other way around this.

(sorry for only doing their part. my eyes are burning with tiredness )
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