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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

So, I just joined.

And I was talking with Sabi, I came up with a way for both the ability Harvest and the move Natural Gift to be used in the ASB.

All right, I'll start with Harvest because it's the easier one. Just a basic description. I tried to make it as simple as possible, and Sabi helped me with percentages and the dice rolls ^^

Harvest: Reverses the odds of getting a Natural Power with a BP of 80 instead of 60 in the user's favor. Has no effect on the chances of getting one with a BP of 70.

And now, for Natural Gift, conveniently set up in the way of the Compendium and then with further elaboration.

Number: 363
Name: Natural Gift
BP: 60/70/80
Accuracy: 100
Damage Type: Physical
Type: Normal
Energy Modifier: 3 (The move is already risky as is and random as heck)
Impact: Singular Target
Priority: 0
Description: Dice roll of 100 used to determine power level. 1-50 is a BP of 60, 51-85 is a BP of 70, and 86-100 is a BP of 80. The ability Harvest reverses this, making 1-50 a BP of 80, 51-85 a BP of 70, and 86-100 a BP of 60. Then a dice roll of 1-17 is used to determine the type (I don't know how you use it - you can either use Serebii's type line up which is the games - starts with Normal ending with Steel - or Veekun's which is alphabetical for the types. This is to be decided on by all the refs).

There are 17 Pokemon Types, and 3 Power Levels in total. This makes for a whopping 51 possibilities when using the move. Harvest, for the whole of three pokemon who get it via DW, increases the odds of getting the better BP, but it isn't guaranteed.

Percentage wise...

50% = 60 BP
35% = 70 BP
15% = 80 BP

With Harvest, it flips.

50% = 80 BP
35% = 70 BP
15% = 60 BP

Even so, you still have a 50% chance of NOT getting a BP of 80 with Harvest.

And even if you get a strong BP, you can't select the type. It's all incredibly risky, but I'm sure there are those who enjoy a surprise and like to gamble. If need be, I'd love to test out the move and ability myself to see if it works all right.

...But uh...I don't have either a DW Exeggute or DW Tropius |D (YES I WOULD TOTALLY GAMBLE WITH THIS MOVE. Risks are fun :D )

EDIT: *Sees trollface and dancing bananas* ...Oh man, this medication is really messing up my head...