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[Roaramon: Dayton Ohio, U.S.][Role: True Digidestined][Arp: None]

Roaramon turned, his fur sparking with electricity. He spotted the Mammothmon, but didn't feel like going after it. It would probably retreat or break down back into data after the loss of it's tusks anyway. He decided it wasn't really worth the effort at the moment.

He came forward a few paces, his claws leaving impressions in the ground, and turned his attention to the enemy Myotismon. It was already being assailed by two other Digimon. I'll step in to help if need be. The Lopmon that had been there earlier was now gone, as far as he could see.

He stood proud, but knew the energy he took from the defeated Ogremon would eventually wear off and he would DeDigivolve back to Morimon. He had no issues with that. However, for the time being, stronger was better.
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