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Project: Eon Sky

Basically get all of Avalon's Party Pokemon from the Eon Sky Canon(thus far revealed). This includes unfortunate, brief guests to his Pokemon Posse sadly (for me: It means I have to work harder!). Gender counts (Male Lucario DO NOT equal Scyez's spot). Shiny status is irrelevant. Evolved forms do NOT count. Legendary Pokemon are already considered to be owned, if they do wind up in Avalon's party for whatever reason (which counts as being in a PokeBall he has in his possession for more than one day). More Pokes will be added as they come, folks!


Currently Owned=1/7

+Scyez, Female Lucario
-Lesha, Female Pikachu
-Vyraz, Male Salamance
-Septim, Male Audino
-Meta, Genderless Metagross
-Film, Male Togekiss
-Glados, Female Lilligant


Project: (LOLA) Legendary Ownership of Lethal Awesomesauce

No, seriously. This one involves LEGITIMATELY having a Legend in my possession, however short a period. Kind of makes one wonder HOW somebody gets a Legendary Pokemon. Who d**m well cares?! I want one! Phione (No matter how much it may as well not be a Legend) does count. Separate forms (for sake of size) will be counted as the Same Legend. Losing the Legend still means I had it, so LOLA will be complete regardless.

Completion=1/48 targets achieved

Currently Owned=0/48



Project: In the Mood!

Call me Crazy! Call me insane! Call me a lover of the Game-Breaker Ability that is Moody! BUT THIS! This is still noble of a pursuit and should be followed! In essence, this Project is to obtain every Pokemon that can have Moody as a DW Ability. This boils down to only so many Pokemon. Pre-Evolutions DO count, so evolving my Moody Snover into a Moody Galice means I get a Moody Galice but lose the Moody Snover. Also, Pokemon that do not get Moody as an Ability in the Pokemon Games is also not going to count (Like Froslass)


Currently Owned=0/7

-Moody Snover
-Moody Galice
-Moody Remoraid
-Moody Octillery
-Moody Smeargle
-Moody Bidoof (FEAR THE MOODY BIDOOF!!!!!!!!!)
-Moody Bibarel


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