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Pluto - East Fire Island, New York - Lone Wolf - ARP: None

The sun was over the water, reflecting a beautiful orange colour against the pale blue sky. The Scotsman lay on a luxury lounger on the beach, a screen in front of him producing a large version of the one on his wrist as he furiously tapped at the controls. A close up map of Dayton, Ohio was being produced, with energy fluctuations highlighted with purple indicators. There was a mass glow of purple on the outskirts, there must have been 40 Digimon there at least. Interesting.

He zoomed out, to a nationwide level. Ohio was the most affected state currently, but there were indicators spreading down through the Virginias, Maryland and Delaware. It was almost as if they were attempting to cut off the North East with a wall of Digimon. It was only a matter of time before they tried to take major cities, he needed to do something about this.

It's a lot easier to coerce them before they have what they want.
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