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Menora Silvanus, Mellony Silvanus, Celestine
Route between Easthaven and Oakwood
ARPers: Kamikaze (Aldur, Ailith)
The group then started back down the path that would take them to Oakwood. However before Aldur could reply to Menora's question, a large silvery white wolf ran past them. The hunter didn't even flinch, but looked over her shoulder at the other Guardian, her good eye visible and her eyebrow raised in curiosity. She could see his smile and guessed that this was normal with him.

"She prefers to travel in this form, and truth be told, I think she was meant to be a wolf, because she sure have the spirit of one. In another life perhaps..." he replied, and the hunter knew he was talking about Ailith. He paused for a moment, and Menora could recognize the look. He was thinking about something form his past. But as to what exactly she had no idea. He then returned to the previous topic when he spoke again. "I can speak to her yes, though it seems to do as much harm as it does good at times, and I know I can sense others, she was kind enough to tell me so earlier today when I almost bumped into you. That was also the first time she spoke to me without being physically present, which nearly gave me a heart-attack, which was her intention I'm sure, just because she finds it amusing."

"Sounds like she made him her Guardian not long ago then," Omen spoke to Menora.

"As for summoning her, I assume that it has something to do with the mark, though she only hinted as much before vanishing last night. I suppose the right time to explain it hasn't arrived just yet," Aldur then added after a moment's pause.

"It does," the hunter nodded. "It'll take some time, but I can show you how to summon your Sacred Beast when we find somewhere more secluded. It isn't the time to reveal to the public of the Beasts' return."

The two mages were a little further ahead, the two wolves in front of them. Celestine looked over her shoulder at the two Guardians, a curious look in her eye. Mellony looked over at the older woman and recognized the look. It was a subtle curiosity. If others didn't know to look it would seem like she was uncharacteristically serious or impassive. But the blond mage didn't want to say anything. It was obvious to her that the other mage was using blood magic to possibly figure out what either were thinking. So Mellony just let it be, not wanting to confront Celestine about blood magic at this time.

With the wolves, Nero looked over at Ailith. If one looked closely they could see how intelligent he really was. He was not a normal direwolf, that much was certain with his size alone. His kind rarely became large enough for a human to use as a mount instead of a horse. He know knew that this she-wolf was actually a female mage. He had only come across one other that could change her form, and that would be his hunter's companion's wife. But rarely did the redheaded woman change to an animal form. She just mainly changed her human appearance, like hair, eye, and skin color. He thought now that it wouldn't hurt revealing more about himself.

"Why choose the form of a wolf when you were born human?" he asked, speaking clearly in human tongue instead of his natural language.
Kai (NPC)
Underground, Southbay
ARPers: Winter (Anya)
"We need to get in and break my sister out. There's another guy in the cell with her, and he seems nice, so we'll take him, too...but I have no idea how on earth we're gonna get in without letting everyone know we're in there. What can you do, anyway, Kai?"

Kai tilted her head to the side, much like a kitten would. She thought about the question, and then her expression when from slightly confused to excited. So this woman was interested in her skills? Kai had many, and she was willing to share. After all, if they were to become comrades they would need to know a lot about each other.

"Kai is really good with a crossbow and ring blade," the elf girl started. "Kai can also sense and disarm traps, as well as pick locks. And being an elf, Kai can hear things normal humans can't."

Kai had learned a lot from her other comrades. She was mainly put in a role where she could use her crossbow, but there were times she was allowed to go ahead of the group to disarm traps or pick locks. Also her hearing came in handy for when they were about to walk into ambushes. And Kai always did this with a smile, knowing that it was all a part of the game and that she could rely on her allies to watch her back.
Agana Lilith
Agana's Inn, Skyspire
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Brainiac (Corbin); Kamikaze (Darios)
Both Agana and Naomi were aware of the mages listening in on their conversation, but neither were bothered with it. In fact it was expected. But that didn't mean that they would let it go on. Looking around the tavern and noticing that she was the only knight there, Noami relaxed a bit. She had to make sure that none had returned during her chat with the redheaded mage.

"Good evening captain."

Naomi turned to see one of the male mages joining her at the bar. He wasn't the one who made the speech, and from what she had heard he was a friend of Agana's. So she wouldn't have to keep an eye on him. She have him a curt nod in greeting.

"Brave enough to join us?" Agana teased with a small smirk, returning to her normal self. "Let me properly introduce you two. Naomi, this is Darios." The vampire then turned her gaze to the other mage before motioning to the Garou with her hand. "And this would be Captain Naomi Hemming of the Royal Guard."

"I thought I told you there was no need for formalities," Naomi said, her voice and expression not giving away her thoughts. She then turned to Darios, this time offering her hand. "Pleasure to meet you."

After the two shook hands, there was the sound of small feet padding along the hardwood floor. The two women turned to see Alexa turning the corner. She was rubbing her eyes, showing signs of having just woken up. But when her bright emerald eyes saw the Knight Captain, she seemed to instantly wake up and smiled. She then ran over to the armored woman, jumping into her lap and hugging her the best she could. But it was rather difficult wrapping her small arms around the plate armor.

"Aunt Naomi!" she greeted. "It's been so long!"

Naomi's mask then cracked and she smiled at the young girl. "It has been," she replied, wrapping an arm around the small child to make sure she didn't fall of, the other patting her head. "You seem to be doing well. But are you here alone?"

"I've been watching her," Alexa replied. "You know her mother. She took a contract and asked me to watch Alexa for her. She should be in town for the Games in a couple days."

Naomi nodded. Still holding the girl, she then decided that there was no need to eavesdrop any longer. "You two can come join us," she spoke to the other two mages. "Might as well sit with us if you're going to listen in."
APRers: Brainiac (Suhail)
Drakon had seen what this human was about to do. And even if the dragon wouldn't have cared normally, he needed his Guardian for the time being. After finishing off the woman he made a move to stop the man, but when Taro picked up the strange stone the attack stopped. The dragon became curious, but then was drawn when he felt a strong magical energy coming from the girl. He growled at this, but was satisfied when one of the hired swords put a charm that most knights use to keep mages under control. It left the mage unable to use his magic, and it seemed to work on the female child.

"I have no choice but to inform you that you hold my Soul Stone. As long as you do so, I will obey you."

Taro turned to the man as he spoke those words. He couldn't help but smirk, looking back down at the stone. So what he read was fact. It was fascinating. But not as fascinating as the individual who almost attacked him. He returned his emerald gaze to him.

"All because I hold this, you must do what I say," he said more than asked. "Then tell me, you would do anything for freedom, correct? Even use the magic that is in your blood? The magic that you refuse to use?"
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