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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Eli Conner, Viridian City, Trainer School
(5,080 Characters, Five Points.)

They hadnít even left, and already there was conflict. Eli cringed at the boy, Markus, right?, and his complaints about their Defensive Masterís style. Plenty of years on the sideline had established a firm pattern for Eli; he looked away and studied the ceiling. The issue seemed to be resolved, or at least momentarily settled, when several other students began verbally assailing the boy for his rudeness. Eli might not have agreed with what he had to say, but calling him out was likely to cause more problems in the long run. The negative charge in the air made Eli more anxious, he began fumbling around with his sweater-entangled hands. His gaze switched from the top of the room to the bottom, only pausing briefly on the way down to gauge his Machopís reaction. Meister seemed to be his characteristically aloof self, and Eli continued to drop his eyes to the floor. Then Markus exploded. He ranted about the dangers and troubles that were ahead, and Eli had to balance his queasiness with the involuntary cringes that he made every time the boy swore. It sounded like he would have been right at home on the Vermillion docks. Luckily, the tension dissolved, and Max began to talk again.

He talked about the girl that went missing seven years ago and the changes it brought on. Eli really didnít like that part. For all the legislation and discussion that disappearance had sparked, it was still unknown what had happened to her. Eli shuddered at the possibilities, the same way he always had, and each time his imagination could conjure up a worse and worse fate for the girl, and if it could happen to her, it could happen to him, or any of them. Max would be there to protect them, but he couldnít foresee every possible danger. All of this flashed through Eliís brain as the first part ended. Then came something else, Max told them that they all had a quality that they were chosen for. Eli uncovered his hands and looked at them, the tiny pale fingers with their bitten nails. He had gotten in because of a lottery, not because of some sort of special gift. There were students with exceptionally rare Pokťmon, students with fantastic abilities, or a natural affinity for Pokťmon. Then there was him, the youngest member of the group, the fluke. He had thrown himself into the school, studying hard and performing admirably on his tests. But as far as experience or natural talent went, there was nothing.

Meister caught his trainer looking forlorn and placed a strong blue hand on his shoulder. The boy looked at his partner and gave a weak smile. Maybe it was the normalcy that set him apart from this group of heavyweights, but being average wasnít going to keep him safe. Maybe out there Eli would find a justification for being chosen besides blind luck, but the only way to find out was to muddle through. Max left the room to talk with Master Yin, but his words remained with all of them, and a silence held over the group. Their talk must have been brief because soon enough Master Yin was back, talking to a girl, Shay, right?, with a Shiny Charmander and a boy that Eli remembered as Xiac. From the good deal that carried through the silent room, they were the temporary leaders until Max could meet up with them. This seemed like a fair arrangement; Eli was glad he was too young to even be considered for that kind of responsibility. Master Yin then gave each of the teens a Potion, which Eli accepted with a barely audible gratitude.

Meister took the Potion from his trainer, who quickly returned them to their soft yellow sheaths, and put it inside of his backpack. It felt sort of silly, kind of naÔve sentimentality, but the muscular Pokťmon couldnít help but clap Eli on the back; their first Potion. The adventure was getting closer all of the time, and it came to a head when Xiac began to talk. He told the group what many of them had already heard, but Eli and Meister both shared a confused glance when he called Shay beautiful. It definitely seemed like an odd comment to make at this point, but Eli didnít know either of them to be able to make any assumptions about their relationship. He went on to explain that they were going to have to make a cloak-and-dagger exit from the premises when a signal was heard. It didnít sound like a very glorious way to start an adventure, but Eli wasnít going to bring up any issues. At least there werenít any Scythers. He gave a quick shudder, but snapped from his fear at the sound of their Defensive Masterís voice. His cry of terror sounded very hammy, and Eli had to make a stifled laugh, his most common kind, at the sound, before Meister grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the now open back doors.

It was much brighter outside than he had expected. Eli pulled up his hood to give his eyes a bit of relief from the warm rays of sun falling from the sky. Despite the insistent tugging by his Machop, Eli had done what years of habit commanded and fallen into the rear of the group by the time they were outside. There were sound of commotion on the other side of the building, and Eliís initial humor about the source of their distraction turned into a well of guilt. People were shouting and obviously terrified by whatever it was that Max was using to distract them. Eli shot a glance behind him, even though he knew that all he would see was the inside of the cafeteria and not a trace of what was going on beyond its walls. In a way this was the worst way to begin a journey. Already people had been lied to and manipulated and it made Eli sick. Maybe it was an omen that the coming adventure was not going to be the kind of moral black and white that the old Saturday-morning cartoons he watched had made it out to be. Maybe the line between right and wrong wasnít going to be absolute. Eli shook violently for a second, and in that time, he wished more than anything that he could be back in his home in Vermillion and not have to worry about facing moral quandaries or finding a purpose in this talented group. But then Meister took his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Eli looked at his partner and gave him a curt nod. Whatever happened, they would be in this together, and they would try to do the right thing.
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