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Default Re: TOME: Terrain Of Magical Expertise Ver. 3.0 SU/Discussion [0 out 11 spaces open!]

Ah... My character. I suck at descriptions, sorry. ;_; Thanks to Black Fury for the attacks. c:

Character's Username: Sunny
Class: Spellcaster
Gender: Female


Sunny has pin straight floor length brown hair and bi-coloured eyes - One red and one blue. She is always seen wearing the same red top and short skirt with black stockings and short floral black lace up boots. She is very tall and in human height would stand to be 6"1. She often has small red and blue feathers placed around her hair.


Holy Flame - Basic attack /Engulfs the battlefield with flames, attacking all foes around her.

Egg Bomb - Throws phoenix eggs at foes that explode on the count of 5.

Dual Guns - Weapon attack /Takes out two guns that can shoot flaming bullets.

Blinding Light - A beam of light temporarily blinds a foe.

Flaring Dragon - Creates a small dragon out of flames that she can control too attack foes. Can create multiples at one time, but every one summoned makes her weaker. They can also be easily destroyed, but are quite evasive.

Flaming Dragon - Creates a larger dragon this time. Only one can be summoned at once but and it takes up a lot more power. Can not be as easily destroyed.

Personal Power: Phoenix
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