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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Markus Novolos
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Trainer School, Viridian City
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Boy did his response stir other responses. Markus wasn't fond of mental trickery or deception, but he did like to at least know who the hell he was working with. He read through the profiles of his classmates-even his own-just to get a bare-bones grip on who he had to deal with for however long it would be.

"Calm down the more time we have to prepare, the more likely we are to succeed." Said the boy nearest him-Xian, the 'Water Specialist.' . Good. He seemed rather level-headed.

The next response was not as nearly as calm. It came from the girl with the Shiny Charmander, Shay. "Maybe were waiting for you to mop up your sarcasm off the floor before we all slip on it, and act with some maturity." Said a girl with massive sarcasm, possibly even more than Markus had. She sounded calm, but the words themselves painted a different picture. "Hes a Defensive Master for a reason, and you arent a Defensive Master. Id suggest you shut your yip up and grow a little patience so we can get on our way, rather than having to waste our time, listening to you squawk like you could do a better job."

Markus restrained himself, but anyone could see his face blush with anger. Annoying a**. She assumed he'd even want the job. He KNEW he would do better as a team, but maybe a smaller one, but dealing with this many people would drive him crazy quickly-being responsible for them wasn't his thing. Meanwhile, Epic just looked the most deadpan look possible for anything. This girl complained of sarcasm in the most sarcastic way possible. Epic shot the look at the Shiny Charmander, mocking the hypocritical nature of it's trainer, all without words of any sort. Markus knew better than to retaliate physically, though trying to restrain himself was a different task.

"Why don't we all just take a step back and calm down. We're all here for a reason, including Markus; it's because we were the best they could find for whatever area we're delving into. And Max is here - late or otherwise - for a reason too. There's nothing to gain by arguing with him." Said Persephone, a trainer with links to Oak. Apparently, she could talk to Grass-Types. Big whoop. She was calming, attempting to prevent an argument. Another calm head. At least a few people here were going to stop arguments before he punched someone. He was quite aware of his bad temper, and him and the counselors both tried fixing it, though there didn't seem to be a complete fix for it.

"For the record, I'd probably explode from being around nine new trainers with conflicting personalities, so even if I was better than him at training and battling, I'd be turning down the job on being offerred." Markus said, directly at Shay, aiming to quell any idiodicy aimed at him hinting at that. "But I have my reasons for being critical. I reconize that he is a good trainer and has had experiance with the whole concept of training and battling, he's been chosen for this position based on that-and that alone. Nothing else. The job description says he's here to do nothing more than protect us. Now, he's responsible for nine different lives, and not those of his Pokemon, but human lives-our lives, d**mit! Nine trainers, different backgrounds and personalities, at least two sporting supernatural powers! A journey through Kanto, which is home to massive rates of crime and aggressive, wild Pokemon willing to kill to defend their territory! A journey that can change worldwide laws and regulations that were already controversial to begin with, sporting fanatics and violence from both sides! And no matter what, no matter how planned out the whole thing is, something, at least one thing, minor or major, WILL go wrong! The DM is not here to prevent us from getting into s**t. We are already IN the s**t. He's here to protect us from that s**t-and be ready to do so at any moment, ASAP. It's good when 'As Soon As Possible,' can translate to 'Now,' in emergency situations and the like, eh?. Moreover, it's not a question of if he's going to do that, but when. You all know I have a good point. This guy has to be ultra-competent. Whether he looks or sounds like it isn't it, it's whether he acts like it. I'm not going to get into a big fat debate over this, either, you guys KNOW I'm right, and you KNOW you don't want a fight with me right off the bat of this journey." Markus explained. He started getting up and walking out, his Nidoran following him, after that fun speech was over-because it had to be done, his reasons had to be explained, at minimum. Markus had trusted little of this journey to be safe. However, he stopped so that he could get in another quip, before someone else said something else.

"I'm taking my own saftey on this journey seriously, but I want fun as much as the other guy. I want to grow strong, to improve, yadda yadda, ectcedera, the rest of it, so on and so forth. Please just don't get on my d**m buttons, and we'll get along just fine..." Markus added. Emphasis on 'd**m,' and for good reason. The sources of his most voaltile buttons were usually rooted in the most rancid parts of his life thus far.

Then the Defensive master started speaking. Ho boy, how it answered the question. Vocally, anyway. Markus didn't trust vocal intuitions, however moving or heartfelt. Actions, only actions, and nothing else, mattered to Markus.

He imagined his journey. Being in Viridian City, he assumed he'd take the Viridian City Gym on first, then proceed onward to the Pewter Gym, then Cerulean, then Saffron, then Celadon, then Vermillion, then Fuscia (Markus could never spell that one right), and Cinnibar Gym for last. He had knowledge that a law may have been passed about Gym Leaders using teams appropriate for the amount of badges the trainers they were challenging had on them, so he assumed this an appropriate course of action. Unless he was just hearing rumors, or the law got trashed. Then not so much.

Master Yin (the principal, and the second-in-line for DM duty), then came forward, giving each one a Potion. Markus loved free things, so who was he to deny? He accepted the potion from Master Yin, making sure to note everything else he said: that they were to wait for Max's signal to go to route 2 and otherwise wait here (Press confrences=Celebrity-dom, which wasn't bad if the celebrity wasn't bad, but Markus avoided them when he heard that someone threatened to bring Motolov Cocktails to the occasion), that Xiac and Shay would lead them to route 2 (Shay didn't seem like the proper choice, in Markus'es opinion, though Xiac seemed goot), and that stealth was of utmost importance-reporters were outside, and of course, they didn't want to be seen by Max.

He was anticipating this journey to at least be exciting. In fact, he was expecting it to be more than a dull trip through Kanto. He KNEW that something would go wrong, and he felt like he lied to his trainer co-horts, failing to note that he felt as if what would go wrong felt as if it would be a major thing. Very major indeed. He felt as if it was there.

Then again, it was just what he felt...As a note, he also felt a Psychic presence nearby. Being around a Psychic for a few years gave one that ability, unfortunately. It was how he learned that normal people, through repetetive, strong exposure to Psychic power, became Psychic themselves. It had to be a strong Psychic Pokemon, boosted by an Elder Mage or the like-Max. Max was equivelant to an Elder Mage. Max had to be boosting the Pokemon, obviously.

It wasn't targeting him, he knew, or else his head would feel as if an alien flew into it, and he located the Pokemon emitting the Psychic power: An Espeon, channeling a thought of some kind. Of what variety, obviously the panic-inducing one, and it was a no-brainer to deduce that it was pointing them at the reoprters, judging from the screaming. Yep, that was the signal. However, Markus was then tipped off as to which Mage category Max belonged to: the prankster, dangerous, and noteworthily ill-minded Dark Mages, who always had at least one of the aformentioned qualities at best. Considering what was going on, he guessed that Max had all three-the worst.

Considering who his Aunt was (not an outright Light or Dark mage, but rather a crosbreed between the two that put loyalties to the Light Mages but still had the attitude of a Dark Mage), that made him immediately want to stab Max and just start the journey (He HATED Both kinds, but the Dark Mages worse). Then something else hit him. 9 teenagers, Fifteen and Sixteen years old on an average, on a journey through Kanto with a Pokemon Master protecting them. The old laws allowed a solo trainer at the age of ten to journey. He realized it, right then and there, realized a cause for dismay, grouchiness, and despair: The extreme protective measures could mean that the debate over the laws after it was over would still swing towards keeping the law as-is, preventing him from journeying further until he was 25, and forcing him under Sabrina's grip again. Loathing Sabrina to the deepest pits of his being was an understatement. If rage was a power, he'd overpower the whole world and control everything, just by thinking of Sabrina. He was so angry Epic had to poke him to realize he had to leave now. He immediately went towards the back door after this, returning Epic to his PokeBall, bursting out of it, Shay's leadership be d**med (though he definately wasn't the first out, so maybe Shay got ahead of him). Time to change everything.
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