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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

OOC: MSG post will not count, please do not add it into your stories. Also I will be posting wild pokemon appearance at the bottom of my post when they are available.

Viridian City, Trainer School

Max rushes into the dinning hall. With an apologetic smile on his face he says
"well, what are you waiting for."
Max stands in front of teenagers, he knows that he must appear as the Defensive Master that they were expecting. Never one for words, Max prefers to do, rather than speak. He watches there reaction to his words. He can feel the tension in the air. One of the students stands up right away, questioning what he said. This student is abrasive from the get go, Max knows he is dealing the Fire Trainer. He looks at the student and can't help but think of the beast he had fought the night before. Max can sense the students anger and fear. Right before he speaks up a couple of students stand up and defend him. He allows them to finish talking before he finally speaks up.

"Seven years ago a trainer not much younger than yourselves embarked on her journey. After traveling for three months she disappeared in the darkness and never to be seen or heard from again. When she disappeared the best trackers from all over the world were sent to find her. After six months of searching they found nothing. All that's left of her now, is a faded headstone in an empty field. When she disappeared there were more than a thousand active trainers also on their journeys. Currently there are less than 15 in each region. The world is now a much different place. I was hired for the sole purpose of making sure that none of you shared her fates. I said yes to this mission not for the money, but because I was one of the people selected to find the missing girl. Even after the search was called off I continued searching for well over a year. Until her disappearance I had spent most of my life hiding in darkest places waiting to capture the scariest pokemon imaginable. My life was about me. After that moment everything changed. I made a promise to myself that I would do what I could to make sure that never happened again. "

Max pauses for a moment. He can't help but feel that pain in the pit of his gut again. As if acid was bubbling up in his stomach. His thoughts circle the months he spent searching for that poor girl. He snaps out of it only after he tells himself that this group will be safe.

"Each of you have been selected because of a quality you posses. A quality that will be needed to help you on this journey, But you'll need more than that to get through this. You will need to work as a team, the most important thing you will do on this journey is hopefully learn to put aside all those petty differences and embrace what unique gifts each of you have to offer. Your decisions will effect not only you, but every young trainer who dreams of being able to start a journey."

Max knows what he said is obvious, but he felt it had to be said. As he stands there one of the other teachers comes in from the hallway and taps him on the shoulder. Max and the other teacher leave the dinning hall to talk. The older man bows his head down.

"Master Max, forgive my intrusions, the local news is gathering outside. They would like to talk to the students before you head out."

Max looks at him and bows his head to show respect, Max seems disappointed with the question.
" Master Yin, I'm not sure sending the kids out there in front of the cameras is a good idea. These students are just starting out. Turning them into local celebrities might effect there focus."

Master Yin is a much older man he is a very respected battling master. While, He is not a very tall man, his presence is felt when he speaks. He shows a lot of respect to Max's opinion and listens to him very carefully.

"I respectfully disagree, the students need to know that they have the whole world watching over them. They are already receiving fan mail, the support could boost there confidence and help them on their journey. However, this decision is yours and yours alone." Master Yin says in a respectful way.

Max takes a moment to think about this. He remembers what it was like when he first appeared on the news after capturing Moltres. For months both Misty and himself were followed wherever they went. The pressure he felt from the press was tremendous. Max had to give up tracking and move to Cerulean City for the public to finally lose interest. He feared what might happen to students if they were faced with that kind of pressure.

"Master Yin, I must request a great favor of you. I would like you to go into the dinning hall and tell the students they are to head out immediately. Look for Xiac Kanoshi he will have a Psyduck with him and Shay Miru she will be with a Charmander. Approach them first, let them know that they are to lead the group up Route Two to edge of the edge of the Viridian Forest. Once they reach the forest they are to secure a camp site and wait."

Master Yin pauses for a moment.
"This is a strange request, how do you plan on getting passed all the reporters?"

Max smiles at him and replies.
"Its best that you don't know this part Master Yin. Oh and one more thing tell them to wait for my signal. They will know it when it happens. Its going to be loud!"

Yin nods and heads into the dinning hall. He takes a moment to look around at the students. He approaches Xiac and Shay.
"Excuse me young Master Xiac and young Master Shay, I have a message of great importance for you. Master Max has requested that you and the team get ready to go on his signal. I'm not sure of what that is, but he said you would hear it. You are to take the team out the back doors of the building and make your way to Route Two. Once on Route Two, head north to the edge of Viridian Forest. Secure a camp site and wait for Master Max's arrival. Oh, and your to do this with the utmost stealth. No one can see you or your group leave this building."

Master Yin steps back and looks at the children.
"Well young masters, good luck on your journey. Before I say goodbye I have snuck each of you a parting gift. Dont tell Master Max."
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out nine

Yin hands one to each student and smiles before leaving the room.

At the other end of the building Max has reached the front doors of the school. He peers out the front window and sees reporters setting up cameras. He pauses from a moment and presses down on the Z-Dex releasing Download's hologram.
"Impressive batch of youngesters.."
Max interupts
"Shut up Download, I need you to send me electric spirit right now."
The lights from the hologram flickers as Download analyses the request.
"Sir, that particular Pokemon is very difficult to control. It has on numerous occasions caused power outages as well as reports of haunted appliances!"
Max laughs
"Exactly, not to many people are familiar with it. Which gives us the edge here. I need it to help me cause a scene and distract the reporters so the students can sneak away."
Once again the Hologram flickers as Download exchanges Pokemon.
"Good luck with that sir."
Download disappears and the Z-Dex turns off. Max reaches for two Pokeballs on his belt. He pulls out the first ball and releases a 2'9" tall purple pokemon.
"Sun come out!"

Max kneels down to pet her.
"Sun I need your help!"

Sun, is an Espeon. She is a very friendly Pokemon. She is a little bit smaller then other Espeons but makes up for that with increased speed. She has been with Max since he was a teenager and the two share a very strong psychic bond. She jumps up and down with joy when he asks her for help. Max smiles and looks at her.

"Do you remember that little trick we played on those rude kids who mistreating the Bellsprouts at Sprout Tower in Violet City ?"

Sun lets out a little grawl to let Max know she does.

"Well we're going to do something very similar now but this time we will have a little help."

Max then reaches for the second ball. He pauses for a moment realizing Download was right about this Pokemon's ability to lose focus and go all over the place. He assures himself it must be done. Once released the strange looking tiny orange ghost floats around for a second surveying its surroundings. Before it can take off Max calls to it.

"Wisp, I am sorry to have disturbed you from your rest, but I need your help. The people outside these doors are trying to record my students, once they do that my poor students will be followed everywhere they go! I would like you to help me play a game I call floating camera, would you like to help?"

The spirit lets off sparks of excitement. Wisp is a Rotom. Its an electric ghost type that is very rare and very very energetic. Wisp has the strange ability to take control of some appliances. While Wisp has good intentions it has a bad tendency of getting caught up having fun. Max explains to Wisp that it must take over the cameras so nothing can be recorded. Wisp agrees and slowly fades away as it goes through the door. Max waits for a moment as Wisp gets into place, when Wisp is there Max makes his move. He looks down at Sun and gives her the signal. Soon the Orb on her head starts to glow. Max focuses his thoughts and soon he can feel the extra boost from Suns powers. The two focus their thoughts together and send out an image of a giant sky dragon, once the thought is planted in the reporters heads Max rushes out of the house yelling.
" Save yourself ! Rayquaza has come for us !"
He points up at the sky as he pushes through the doors. The reporters look up and start to panic. They rush to get away, some of them trip over each other trying to escape. One of the camera man tries to record it but finds that his camera has grown arms, it floats off the tripod and starts chasing people around. Inside the school Sun focuses all her energy on keeping the image of Rayquaza flying around in there heads. Max runs around frantically helping people off the ground.
"We gotta get out of here!"
Max joins the reporters in fleeing the school grounds, he knows that he has created a large enough diversion for the students to escape.

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