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Default Re: [WAR XI] URPG Section: Week 2

BW Revo.
Helds on.
Slp/Frz/OHKO/Evasion/Accuracy clauses.
Default weather/terrain.
Navel Gym Rule: Each Trainer sends twice as many pokemon to the ref than are listed in the rules (8 mons for 4v4, 10 for 5v5, 12 for 6v6). Ref randomly rolls for the # selected out of the mons sent to compete in the battle. After the mons have been randomly selected, the battlers pick their leads and held items (if applicable).

FAWKES of Guardian Units of Nations vs RaptorJesus of Not-So-Super Friends.

Fawkes: Sceptile, Arcanine, Hydreigon and Chandelure.
RaptorJesus: Starmie, Dragonite, Jolteon and Infernape.


WTP gets 2k + a point for his team.
FAWKES gets 1k.

I get 1,500.