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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [SU/DS]

I'll go with Trinity since I created her first~ Besides, Elisia was going to be a toughie to try and RP with, haha. C:
Please reserve me~ I'll finish her a little later.

Trinity "Tweetie" Amber Calloway.

Birthday and Age:
November 26th, 1995 (16).

Are they Mutated?:

Click here, please~
Trinity stands at a prompt height of 5'6'' with a weight of 112 lbs. Before her "transformation" Trinity adorned locks of deep, straight red with a hint of blonde colored streaks at the ends. Within days after the eclipse her hair began shaping itself, unable to return to its natural straightness. Her deep red locks became a brighter red and the blonde disappeared leaving in its place a skewed form of what it used to be - an off colored blue. Her eyes didn't change. They remained their natural baby-blue color. Her outfit choice however... now that changed drastically. Trinity was one to wear tight tube tops with small shorts. She disliked jackets and despised socks and shoes - preferring flip-flops instead. After the eclipse, the way she thought about clothing preference changed. She began designing her own outfits and took up knitting. Within a matter of only a few weeks she created the strange, matching outfit she outshines today.

Personality: (What your character is like and how they act. If they suffer from any psychosis brought on by being altered, this would be a good place to explain the effects.)

History: (The story of your character’s life before the RP begins. Include what they were doing during the time of the eclipse and if they have already manifested a power, how it happened. Manifestations are most common during periods of great stress.)

Your Character’s Relationships: (Unlike many stories where people are being brought together for the first time, the characters in this RP will benefit greatly from having histories with other characters already. Conifer is a small town so your characters may have regularly interacted. You can include as many as you want, but I’m requiring at least two existing relationships with other people’s characters.)

Other: (Anything else you want to add about your character. A song that represents them, where you see them in the future, any inspiration you had when making them, it’s all fair game.)


The ability she adapted from her Pokemon counterpart was Guts. This allows her to raise her physical attack power when induced by some form of status - may it be a status inflicted upon her by another morphed human or an illness she retained before a battle (etc.). The current move-pool that she currently knows:

Pluck - She dances about her enemy using her swift and nimble hands to blind-sight her foe by "plucking" her hands on their body, searching for an item to assist her.

Peck - She uses her sharp, elongated nails to "peck" at her foe. She places her fingers together like a beak and stabs at her enemy. If she cannot use her fingers she uses her conducting baton - which she can pull out anytime from her sleeves (she has a built in container for her batons).

Quick Attack - By placing one foot behind her and another in front, she lunges at her opponent in a blinding speed in an attempt to knock them away from her.

Agility - By calming down, Trinity is able to raise her speed tremendously. Her muscles relax and she gets an airy and light feeling to her footing.

Air Slash - For her basic ballet classes when she was younger, she begins spinning in what is known as a fouette and sharply finishes in a pirouette, keeping her arms arched towards her middle - as she finishes she releases sharp blades of air around her striking everything at a 1/2 mile radius - unless there is a blockage preventing the attack to go further.
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