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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Akira Hinomi
Viridian City, Trainer School, Girl's Dormitories, Private Quarters
Character Count: 5423 for 5 points, not counting code or this heading

I'd been in this school for two years now, after transferring from the high school back in Saffron. My parents had convinced me that I could complete my high school eduction here, while also learning about Pokemon for when I turned 25. It was pretty fun really, learning about all different kinds of Pokemon-related subjects. I was loaned some, but my parents had sent explicit instructions not to allow me Pokemon until I was deemed ready. I wasn't really sure how I made the cut for this experiment, if the criteria for choosing who would go was the same for everybody, or even what they were looking for in the extensive testing I was forced into, but I had received notice of being chosen months prior. Mom and dad were delighted and sent me an egg as a gift. That's how I met Trixie, the playful Gastly who lived with me in the recent months. After determining that it was a female I decided to put a pink bow on her head and tie it in the back. It looked like a headband from the front, just above the eyes, but then went kinda diagonally down her gaseous body. We had to use really thin threads so it wouldn't weigh her down and would phase with her when she went through things or turned invisible as Ghost types usually enjoy doing.

On this particular day I woke up at 5am to start to get ready. Still in my nightgown I started to think about packing. I wanted to pack a couple days prior, but kept forgetting until it was too late and I was sleepy the previous night. So I just set my alarm for 5am and went to bed early. At least I had set my pack out on the table by my bed yesterday. Let's see. What to bring? Well naturally a couple changes of clothes were important. I tossed the neatly folded clothes into the pack. Camping equipment? Did I really need them? Surely somebody else would bring them? Better to be safe then sorry. I pulled the self opening/closing tent from under my bed that I previously bought with my allowance. It was big enough for four people and smallish Pokemon to sleep in comfortably. What else? Tools were important. Taking out the small box with essential tools in it I put it in one of the pockets. You never know when you might need a standard screwdriver or tiny rechargeable flashlight. In the mini-toolbox went. A couple Pokeballs for the road, my Pokedex which had only a couple entries in it, some candy bars, and plenty of money that my parents had mailed for this trip. I then proceeded to throw in other items I might need until I was satisfied. Hmm what do do now? Trixie still wasn't back yet. A shower would do me good. Time to have a nice, slow, 45 minute shower to clean up every part of my body.


I brushed my teeth and hair, then changed into my usual clothes and put my PokeGear on my left arm like the watch it was. I had packed another two pairs of the same thing, and a second pair of shoes. Glancing at the PokeGear, it was almost 6am as Trixie floated in through the closed window. Yea, through the closed window.

“About time. Been out messing with people at night again?” I asked the puff of gas.

“Gast.” She nodded at me, then looked around the room and back to me. “Gas gast?”

“Yes, today is the day. We should get going.” I said to her as I put the bag over my shoulder and put my cape on. We left the room I was using, headed down the hall, then down some stairs to the dining hall.

It was nearly empty, with some early arrivals. Some people from our group arriving early to wait and have breakfast. We slowly gravitated to where food was being served. I ordered my usual breakfast, one that most people freaked out when they saw it: Bacon, omelet, and HOTDOGS. I like plenty of meat in the morning and my quick metabolism just burns it off. Accepting the plates from the lady, we sat down near the counter with the food, on the opposite side of the door. This gave me a good vantage point for when the Master showed up. I then proceeded to munch my food loudly and noisily. What? Not every lady eats like a lady. Trixie slurped her food up with her long tongue, then lowered the plate back down. We had a second helping, then a third, then a forth, a fifth, and a sixth until finally we were full. The plates were stacked one on top of the other on the table we were eating at. “Where do you put it all?” Asked the lady at the food counter. I just smiled at her, winked, then giggled. “I'll never tell.” I answered, and honestly I had no idea either. It was still 7am. Plenty of time to take a short nap after a good breakfast. I fell asleep silently next to the stacked plates.


A nice dreamless nap later, I was awoken by Trixie headbutting me in the back, probably sensing something. I yawned loudly, stretched, and looked around as the others started to gather around Master Max. I was not really in a hurry and walked up last. It was just in time to hear him ask what we were waiting for in a friendly manner, only to be yelled at by a particularly nasty sounding boy who was quickly silenced by the others. Not liking that one already.

I decided to be funny at that point as I walked up to the group, Trixie following behind me. I also picked up a desert tray with a fudge cupcake on it and brought it with me, eating it slowly. “Uhm, hi guys. What are we waiting for? Maybe me? I did kinda walk up last since I was napping after my big breakfast.” I answered the Master's question with a cheeky grin, followed by shuffling my feet uncomfortably.
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