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Pluto - East Fire Island, New York - Lone Wolf - ARP: None

A flash of bright white light illuminated the coastline as the two enormous black creatures began to glow and shrink. After a moment, they were rather small indeed. One, an insect with evil eyes was approximately the size of the average thigh, the other was a squat reptillian creature with what appeared to be a mohawk, roughly the size of a chubby toddler. They both stared up at the man, awaiting his command.

"I instructed you two to be here at 12:30pm," he sternly spoke, "It is now 12:35. Do not disappoint me again."

"Master," hissed the insect, "We apologise. We allowed the weather to slow us."

The striding Scotsman stood silently for a second, scowling at his servants. He merely turned away and headed into the open door of the property, beckoning his Digimon with a flick of the wrist. They followed obediently.

Heading into the main room, a screen the length of the wall stood in front of them, a map of America displayed across the screen.

"As you can see," spoke the Scotsman to his tools, "There have now been reports of Digimon emerging in the USA. They're currently in Ohio, near Dayton, and there are unconfirmed sightings in Maryland. This property has been purchased for me to use as an advance position in order to create calculated strikes to either destroy, capture or torture these rogue Digimon. I want to know exactly who they're working for, why, and what they wish to achieve."

Betamon grunted, Kunemon smirked. It was just beginning.
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