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Default Pokemon Theories

Last Updated: 7/1/2012

Recently I have witnessed a couple of people asking questions based on the theories created by other people over the internet. The purpose of this post is to clarify any beliefs that may ruin your Pokemon Anime experience.

First of all I would like to state that these theories are mainly guesses and speculation. They have been created around the Anime and are just guesses.

List of Theories

The Coma Theory - The main idea is that Ash is in a Coma after being struck by lightning in the first episode. This theory declares that everything Ash witness's on his journey, is all happening inside his head.


I have noticed that when people read these theories, they become worried and start over thinking scenes.

These theories, as stated before, are just guesses and speculation around hard facts. If you are still worried and fear that it would ruin the Pokemon Anime for you, I would advise you to try and occupy your mind by playing your DS or on your computer whilst watching the show. That way your mind is not focused on the TV and the Theory.

If you need any more help or have any more theories, please PM Digital