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Default Re: TOME: Terrain Of Magical Expertise Ver. 3.0 SU/Discussion [0 out 11 spaces open!]

Here's my character. I decided to put some self-damage on his Greater familiars and penalised his pure offensive strenght to balance him out :L

Character's Username: Overlord
Class: Spellcaster
Gender: Male

Description: Overlord appears as what is best described as a 'Winged Demon'. He has a muscular underbody, that is shapen like that of a satyr; Save that he has no fur and has clawed feet instead of hooves. He wears a short, bulky, black chainskirt. His muscles lie clearly visible under his rugged, red demon skin. He has a broad upperbody and wears several thin golden chains around his body, all with amulets or charms of different sizes, shapes and colors hanging on them. A big red eye-shaped gemwith a black iris hangs on a thick golden chainnecklace. His head bears two massive boney horns on his forehead, that first go a bit forward, then strongly curve upwards; His left horn is bigger then the right horn, and appears to cover his left eye. His head is generally human-shaped. He also has Two big, black webbed wings as those of a gargoyle statue. He has a thin, but long red tail with a piece of fur on the end. Several black, small and thin horn-shaped spikes run along his spine, curved upwards towards his head.

-Lucifer Fire; Basic Fire/Shadow magic attack. Fires a magic-charged piece of brimstone that can either turn into a fireball to strike with fire element, Or be infested with a curse and turn into a mass of shadow energy to strike with darkness element.
-Charge; Overlord charges at the enemy, attempting to gore them with his horns, throwing them on his upwards-spiked back afterwards to cut his unlucky victim as he slides off. Overlord is really weak in melee though, and this move is only used to look intimidating.
-Re´ncarnation; Overlord's signature ability. His challengers are often surprised when a seemingly more powerful Overlord rises back up his feet after he was presumed to be defeated. Because he mainly focuses on summoning and re´ncarnating, he's very weak on his own offense.
-Lesser familiars; Overlord summons or creates small critters, such as imps, bats, minor succubi, ... They are weak, but have strength in numbers. Overlord can drain the HP of fire/shadow-elemental enemies in order to create stronger versions of these.
-Greater familiar; Overlord sacrifices a part of his own HP or his lesser familiars to summon a powerful beast, such as a Fire golem, Hell Hound, Greater succubus, ... Also works to summon a weaker, firey clone of anyone defeated in the current match.
-Minion blades; Summon a pair of haunted weapons (Blades, spears, axes...) to strike and attack any enemies. Overlord can also use one of these as a personal weapon.

Personal Power: Summoning
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