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Default Re: [WAR XI] Drawn Art Section

Okay I've never actually done judging on a point scale so please don't hate me if you disagree. I'm only human q_q

For reference purposes:
-Theme; 10 points. Relevance to theme
-Creativity; 10 points. Thinking outside the box; the unexpected.
-Shading; 10 points. Proper shading or lack of (in some cases).
-Composition; 10 points. How well aspects are arranged on a canvas
-Overall Appeal; 10 points. How well everything looks as a whole.


Theme: Volcanoes can be a beautiful spectacle to watch despite the destruction it wreaks upon living creatures. Your entry captures one of many exciting moments in volcanic uproars being the eruption itself. The protruding magma and billowing smoke exemplify all of what a volcano represents. 10 points.

Creativity: While the idea of a volcano is pleasantly uncommon for this particular theme, your piece is without all of elements that isn't the volcano itself. I'm curious as to where all of the other surroundings are. The burning trees and the rest of the landscape in the distance; they would have helped your score in this section greatly. 6 points.

Shading: I really like the shading on your piece. The smoke looks great with your style of drawing and the shooting rocks are flawless. The only part that I could see improvements being made to is the base of the volcano. It seems to drastically change from dark to light with little transitional shading. But besides that, this section looks very nice. 8 points.

Composition: For this, I'm going to ignore what could have been added to the piece as I mentioned in the creativity section and only focus on what's actually present. Based on how this piece is arranged, I wouldn't be surprised if this volcano is a sketch from a drawing board of a professional cartoonist. I like the style that you've got with this and all the elements fit together nicely. And only because I have a sharp eye for things that look barely out of place, I would've liked to see a more symmetrical shape to the smoke if you know what I mean. It's as if it's mostly flowing to the left and nothing to the right. But that's probably more of a problem with myself than the drawing. :P 9 points.

Overall Appeal: The missing background to your piece is still really bothering me. There was so much more potential for this piece and it just looks like you stopped once you finished the main part. There's always room for detail and that's something that I see to be lacking here. But from what you do have, the shading looks great and I was glad that your entry wasn't super generic. 7 points.

Total: 40 points



Team: Revolution Uprising

Theme: A beautiful flower in the presence of the night sky. A peaceful evening with the vast land (or is that a shoreline?) in the back. Certainly fitting of the theme with the mountainous region in the distance. 10 points.

Creativity: A flower, mountain and ocean shore. Sadly, I must admit that I find this type of piece to be very common. It's just the kind of thing you see a lot of people draw. As for what's on the piece itself, I feel like you focused too much on the primary attractor (the flower), and neglected the background in doing so. Yes, there are mountains and a sky, but there's just so much open space where you could have been more creative. 5 points.

Shading: To an untrained eye, the shading on this piece would look rushed and messy, but to me, I see it very fitting for your personal style that you have. The darkness in the sky with the little blips representing what I assume to be stars is a nice touch. The flower is very properly shaded as well. The mountains in the back could use some sort of detail though. It just looks like they have no detail to them. 8 points.

Composition: As I mentioned with the entry from Foxamivalth, I'm going to ignore the parts where I feel like things are missing/could be added in, and focus on what's actually present. I've read up on some artists tips from school books and random sources on the internet, and one of the things i recall reading was that in a large piece such as yours, you should try to avoid having main part of the piece (in this case the flower) in the dead center. It just feels cliche in a way. Anyways, the way you have the grass drawn out is very interesting. It looks like the flower is sitting on top of a small cliff looking over the ocean? It leaves me guessing as to what it is and that's something I like in artwork. 8 points.

Overall Appeal: Upon first glance, this piece looks very beautiful. However, after I dove into it and started noticing bits and pieces missing, I lost a little bit of the excitement I had over the piece. But then that left me wondering, for this section, is it good or bad that I wasn't able to notice the missing parts that I would have liked to been added? Since I'm not a professional and I don't normally try to evaluate the tiniest things, I thought it was a good thing that I couldn't notice it at first. 8 points.

Total: 39 points


Overall result:

1st place: Foxamivalth (3 points for team)
2nd place: Velocity (2 points for team)
3rd place:

Thanks for the entries guys. It was a tough decision to make, but rest assured, not once did I look at each piece and compare them to one another to decide which I liked more. :/ I was happy when I saw that I had just one, but 2 made it even better! :D Now that I'm finished judging all this, I've come to the realization that I should cut down on how much I criticize because this took me like an hour to write out and I'm really tired now...

And now that I'm finally finished, it's time for a quick announcement for how the deadlines for the following weeks will work. For week 2, entries may be submitted any time after Saturday, June 30th, at 11:59 pm EST. Week 2 will end the following Saturday, July 7th at 11:59 pm EST and I will use Sunday to post results. The rest of the weeks will also use the new time schedule. The WAR committee people decided to do this so that people could use a weekend day before entries close. If you're still unsure about when I'll stop taking entries for each week, just check the 2nd post.


Mythical Creatures!!

Draw up your favorite creature/monster/god in an epic pose or perhaps in the middle of a bloody battle. It could be from Greek mythology or from a story from your favorite religion if you're feeling a bit risque ;) It's up to you to decide how to work that pencil of yours!

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