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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

I'll try to explain it the best I can, haha. ^^; I'll assume that this'll take place before X-2, just because I didn't like her outfit near as much. :| -flicks Square Enix-

Name: Yuna
Age: 17 years
Gender: Female

Yuna isn't the tallest person around; in fact, she's shorter than most, standing at only 5'3". She has pale, cream-colored skin and from this peers two different colored eyes--the left is the gentle color of the sky and the right is a fierce, emerald green. Her gentle-featured face is framed by chocolate locks of hair that curls at the ends and brushes her shoulders. Alabaster, kimono-like sleeves tipped with a rose-colored gradient cover and hang from her arms. A sash-like, white material crosses itself and goes over her neck on both sides. Around her waist is a wide, orange band of cloth printed with a floral design. On her back is a large, similarly colored bow. Her lower, dress-like garb is a lovely navy blue and displays large flower silhouettes and thin, spiraling vines. A multi-shaded blue, string-like trinket hangs from the right side of her hair. She usually carries a large staff topped with a circular piece for summoning.

Yuna is a very giving individual; she is well-known for helping anyone in need, and finds her own needs far below that of others, especially the people she is particularly close to. She used to be naive when it came to her religion, Yevon, but her first pilgrimage shattered that faith after she learned of the spiral of death that it was only putting Spira through. She tends to try and be positive about others, even if it seems like they are nothing but terrible news and would bring horrid misfortune. Yuna hates sacrificing things for victory, especially when it comes to lives. She loves her aeons and was thrilled by Valefor's return.

Home World: Spira (FFX)
Minor FFX Spoilers:
[spoilers]Yuna went through a pilgrimage in Spira to stop the chaos entity that plagued their world, Sin, with her Aeons, as well as her Guardians (Tidus, Auron, Rikku, Wakka, Kimahri, Lulu, and Rikku). They broke the spiral of Sin reappearing every 10 years by not relying on what was known as the Final Aeon, and defeated Sin for good, and sent her aeons away for their eternal rest. She lost Tidus and Auron in this process.[/spoiler]
Yuna did not know she had appeared in the Pokemon world when it happened. She appeared underground with Valefor's Fayth Statue, and was able to speak with her beloved first aeon once more. She was warned of a danger threatening this place, as well, and Valefor has agreed to be available for her help.
Pokémon: NONE--she currently has one Aeon; Valefor.

An aeon from the world of Spira. It uses its wings to create sonic gusts that increase it's speed.
Weak to: Electric, Rock, Ice
As far as spells go, she can use minor health-restoring spells, fire spells, and water spells. Her special move, Sonic Wings, is a speed/accuracy boosting move.

I will, in fact, be keeping the Overdrives, but they can only be used every 15 posts /minimum/, and for Valefor to even use them, she's gotta be really ticked off. And 15 posts is a LOT. :I Also, when she uses her Overdrive, she doesn't pay attention to who she attacks, so you had better haul your fine ass outta there. XD

Link: n/a
Other: So that's how the aeons shall work. They'll keep their spells, but it can only be elemental, and to be compatible with Pokemon, they have their own weaknesses.
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