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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Disco View Post
However, if we're talking about our species as if we were talking about other animals, we can say one of our biggest problems is overpopulation. Perhaps homosexuality is, in fact, a trait that 'betters' the species in this case. Of course, it doesn't carry the genes around, but, well, maybe that's not what we need as a species right now? I'm not sure.
Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
Darwinism and evolution and all that stuff implies and is implied by natural selection, which is the passing on of genes beneficial to a species' survival. For example, giraffes - length of neck is a gene. The ones with longer necks can reach the higher foods, while smaller-necked giraffes run out of food, starve and die. Thus, the longer-necked giraffes pass on their long neck gene to their offspring.

Homosexuality, as far as we know, is not passed on via a gene (hence why you could have several generations of straight people followed by one gay person and then several more straight). Therefore, homosexuality can never be phased out by natural selection, because the "dominant" straight people can produce homosexual offspring, who will go on to survive as normal.


Homosexuality should never be encouraged or discouraged. It should just be accepted and we should all let everyone get on with their lives, no matter their sexual orientation, race, gender, whatever.

I would recommend listening to Richard Dawkins, a biologist, address the problem of passing down the "gay gene".
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