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Default Re: Some Random noob's sprite gallery

@Metal Gear Snivy, yeah, I don`t like the size of the sprite, when I finish with it, that`s why I resize it.I`ll try not doing so, though.

@Sealboy I`m actually saving them in .PNG :D I think it gets ruined by the site I use to upload them(tinypic).

Thanks for the positive comments, I`ll try to make 2 or 3 sprites today :)

A retype of a Gardevoir.I`ve put a normal Gardevoir next to it for a comparison :) I want to make a revamp of some pokemon, like Charmander or Pikachu, but First i have to read the tutorials.Is it hard?

Also, a Wobbuduck!It`s made of a Wobbufett and a Psyduck(I think it`s awesome)

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