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Default Re: [WAR XI] Pokemon Online Battling

Week 1 is over.

Roulette - 1 win
Fawkes - 1 win

They split the 6 points ; 3 each to their teams.

Week 2 theme will be posted later. Also, starting on Week 2, there's been a minor scheduling change. Refer to the second post for more.

EDIT: This theme's week will be all Pokemon must use their Dream World-exclusive abilities. If you choose to use Scizor, for example, it must have Light Metal, and if you choose to use Tyranitar, it must have Unnerve. Pokemon with no hidden ability are banned altogether.

To make this slightly less restricting, the ban on unreleased hidden abilities is lifted for this week. All DW abilities are allowed. For a list of DW abilities, go here:

mad yet

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