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Default Re: What will your Pokemon do? (Closed.)

Originally Posted by camarokid View Post
This is as literate as I can get. I'll be sure to refrain from joining rps if thats going to be a problem.
As Winter and Sights have said, I mean more to the context of the post rather than the literacy. I should have been more clear. ^^'

Your literacy seems to be great from what I can understand from the few sentences, but here on PE2K, we encourage at least small paragraph posts. We aren't asking for essays of a post, just at least a small paragraph like the first post was. The first post was great for minimum length! Try to stick to that length and you'll be just perfect. ^^

We have a bit of an RP system here on PE2K as was mentioned with a Sign Up and Discussion thread. At the very least a summary of the plot, something to start the story off with, is put in the first post so people know what they're reading about.
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