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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Aiden felt Kotomi give his hand a light squeeze as her foot grew still, although before he could say or do anything else, the front door opened again and Damon, Diana, Bonnie, Jeremy and Kenny all walked inside. The twins instantly noticed that Damon’s and Diana’s hands were laced together, which brought both of them to look at the two with something akin to shock. Aiden noticed as well, but didn’t have much of a reaction toward it, since he didn’t know about the situation with Diana hating Vampires before.

"What's going on, Kevin?" Bonnie asked.

"Well first of all, this is Aiden. He's an Original." Kevin responded, the three then looking at the ginger in shock. "Second, my other siblings Rebekah, Finn and Kol are here in town, and third, Klaus' spirit is here wanting to be resurrected."

Silence fell over the group after Kevin spoke, the Gilberts appearing to be in obvious shock for a few moments, although Bonnie finally gave a sigh.

"We knew this was bound to happen, Kevin." Everyone looked at the Witch in confusion as she spoke.

"What are you talking about?" Ashley asked.

"Nineteen years ago when Klaus was still alive, John, Elijah and Kevin wanted to talk to me alone. They told me that if Klaus died after the sacrifice, then every Vampire that was ever created from Klaus' Bloodline would all die as well. If he really died that night then Ichiru, Kiseki, Isobel, Stefan, Damon and Lexi would had all died too, since all of you guys are from Klaus' Bloodline. Scarlet, Ashley, and Katherine were too, but they were already dead. The only two people who would had been safe were Caroline and Kotomi, because they aren't from Klaus' Bloodline. I couldn't let you guys die." Bonnie explained.

"So you mean to tell me that if every Original died, then the entire world would be extinct from Vampires?" Caroline asked, to which Bonnie nodded.

"But we saw Klaus die... how are we still alive?" Isobel asked.

"Because I placed a spell on Klaus' body. Remember when Kevin wanted to stay behind by himself to bury Elijah in private? Well the ashes from Klaus' body reformed, though his spirit is in the Ghost World. Klaus' body is still alive and pumping blood and such, but there's no soul to control the body. The spell I placed forbids Klaus to reenter his body, unless I do a resurrection spell that requires both Diana and I since we're from the same family." Bonnie responded.

"That's where I've been this whole time." Kevin added. "I've been taking care of Klaus' body and making sure it gets blood by hooking his veins up with blood pouches."

"So after you bury Elijah, you took Klaus' reformed body and hid it away?" Stefan asked, to which Kevin nodded.

"Right now Klaus is a very powerful Ghost." Bonnie said.

"He wants to be resurrected..." Kotomi said, looking up at Bonnie. "What are we going to do?"

"Well... since Klaus is so powerful, then he can start doing dangerous threats which he will use to force me to bring him back..." Bonnie answered.

"He already took over Kotomi's body last night and tried to kill her..." Lexi said, bringing Bonnie to curse.

"If he keeps this up... I have no choice but to give him what he wants." She said, bringing Kotomi to quickly rise from the couch and look at her, forcing Aiden to release her hand, which he had subconsciously still been holding on to.

"But then he'll start killing us!" She exclaimed in fear.

"Not if we make a deal with him before he's resurrected." Kevin said, bringing the younger Vampire to look at him in disbelief.

"He'll never keep his word." She said.

"He's an Original, Kotomi. We have a code of honor, and even Niklaus sticks to it." Kevin responded. Kotomi merely shook her head in response, storming toward the door.

"He'll never keep his word so we're all going to end up dead." She growled, using her Vampire speed to leave the house. Kiseki started to get up, but Ichiru stopped him, bringing him to look at his brother in question. Ichiru nodded toward Aiden, bringing Kiseki to look over at the ginger, who was already rising from his seat on the couch.

“I’ll go after her.” Kiseki relaxed again as Aiden spoke, then leaving the house after Kotomi. This really was a bad situation they were in… it seemed as though no matter what they did they would never be able to win.

“Is that really our only option?” Kiseki asked, his own worry becoming apparent in his tone and expression. “Even I have to admit that Klaus doesn’t seem like the type who would keep a promise…”

Aiden ran through town with his Vampire speed, heading in the direction of the woods. Somehow he already knew where Kotomi would be. Only a few moments later, he arrived at the bridge where he had first spoken with the younger Vampire. As he had expected, he saw her standing on the bridge, her gaze on the pavement. He walked over to stand beside her, glancing over the railing at the water below.

“With the current situation, you really shouldn’t run off on your own like that, you know…”
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