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Default Re: Pokemon Johto Quest - [Everyone is Welcome]

Age: 17
Gender: female

Description:She as red long hair. She wears a black clock over a blue-ish grey tang top and blue jeans

Personality: shes is very shy around people, especially boys, she likes to make friends but she don't have alot of them. There are more pokemon her friends than people

History: She lived with her parents till the died in a float when she was about 9 years old. She traveled to the nearby forest, afraid she was going to be sent somewhere to be adopted. She didn't want to be a new mom and dad so she ran. In the forest she met different pokemon. All different sizes and types. She befriended many in just a few days. Then one day she traveled back into town to see that a someone was giving people pokemon. So she went to befriended a new pokemon. It turns out the professor was looking for her.

Starter Pokemon: cyndaquil

Other: she can sense into pokemon's hearts to see what they feel, so she can help them if needed, or befriend them.
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