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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Yeah, silly Dusty. DDDx

Yay! 8D

Yus! o: I'm glad you're interested. xD

XD Yes!
Yep. XD

Well, DUH I'm interested!

XDDDDDDD YES! Hahhaa, way to go inside jokes! xD


OH NO. Me too. (YES OF COURSE.) Bigly. Dx

Yeah. xD Good point.

OOO: Yep. Dx
Yes, definitely. xD

Dumb toof Penny. >:c


(XDDD They would be entirely toofy and have stupid friend-excluding timesing. xD) *GAPS* Yeah.


(Yes, it would! And be full of anti-sense that would make funny inside jokes but be REALLY aggravating! D:<)



XDDDDDDD Oh my gosh, yes!

*GAPS* XDDDD Hahaha, and the Bug's Life ride!


Yes! .0.

... Yes. xD

*corrected them all* Thanks for finding those. xD
You're welcome! .0.

Thanks! 8D I'm glad you do! Ahaha, that's cool! Yeah! o: I'm glad you go. c: Hahhaa, I knew you would love that. xD I've wanted to write about caves for ages and I finally got the chance. xD

*GAPS* Awesome! Yeah, definitely! I myself found it interesting, simply because usually I write from Dusty's point of view, obviously. xD Really? Yep, definitely. Yeah, it was bigly toofy. Dx Well she's actually Gemma's guest star, so that was part of the history she gave for Azure, so I planned on trying to work that in somehow. O:
It was awesome! And yes, I'm bigly excitement for the caves! .0. I'm so glad you could finally write about them.

Yeah, it's awesome to write things from different characters' perspectives! Bigly! Oh, right! I forgot that! Well, I'm sure you'll come up with something good!

OOO: c: (You only get faces in response. xD)

Yeah... Dx He can be playful but he goes too far, especially about something Dusty's obviously very touchy about. D: He was. Yeah... This is kinda why she finds it difficult to like him. xDx (XD Feh.) Yeah... >:c Hopefully he learns his lesson.

XD Really? Hahahaha, yes! (XD That face!) O: I'm glad you think so! It's a name I've had for years, and I made it his name ages ago too, but yeah, never integrated it till now. xD Thanks! YES! OOO: I think it'll be a while until everything becomes clear though. xD BUT I LIKE THAT YOU WONDER ABOUT IT! xD
o: (You only get that one! Hah!)

Yeah, definitely. D: And I understand why, I mean...he doesn't seem to care about annoying others, which is pretty toofy. >:c I hope so too!

XDDDDDDDDD And really? That's awesome! I really like the name. And that's all right! It'll be exciting to get there, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store, especially with the cave (*GAPS*).

XDDDDD Yep. He's a big adorable quagsire. Complacent. Oblivious. And all the rest. xD

Yah! o: (XDDDDDD Yep, I understand, and there's not really that much else to talk about. XD) I thought so too! 8D xD And hopefully they can all meet up soon. xD

Thank you so much. c: Yeah, I can't wait to keep producing them until I get to relevant stuff. XDDD Well, this IS relevant, but not very plotty I guess. It's progressively plotty. xD

Thanks for reading again. c:

Yep. XD I love that!

(Well, it's not that...I just like talking about caves. xD) Yeah. O:

Well, of course it's relevant. Not all chapters have a ton of plotty stuff!

And you're welcome! I BIGLY enjoy it! .0.

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