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Default What will your Pokemon do? (Closed.)

A little girl was playing with some Pokemon when an old man came in. He had a lab coat on, and he looked to be about 50. He looked to the little girl. "Yuki, can you be a dear and go get me some groceries in town?" Yuki looked up hearing him and nodded. "Sure thing Granpa." She smiles. "Come on Yumi." She said as she looked to a little Eevee that was sitting infront of her. Yumi nodded and both of them ran off out of the lab and down the street to town.

Another little girl was in her room getting ready. A lady came in. "Sarah, are you finished yet?" Sarah looked to her. "Almost." She put her blonde hair up in pig tails, with two black ribbons. "Now I am." "Good good." THe lady smirks. "Now let's go." The lady said. She walked off out ofhe room, with Sarah following.
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