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Default Some Random noob's sprite gallery

Hi, i`m Jokarosify and i`m a newbie spriter. I started recently and the best thing I did was a recolor of a Rapidash(using Nidoking).I also made a custom trainer and a Golden-ish Feraligatr, using Persian and Psyduck colors(Can`t remember what I used for the purple parts though.)Here they are.

The trainer, I don`t like him, so i`m making a new one now, but I love the Rapidash and the Feraligatr ^^ All kinds of advice is welcome!

This is my trainer.I used 3 trainers and 2 pokemon to create him(A trainer, gym leader i think, for the hair, 1 trainer for the head and one for the body.I used Gyarados and Lapras for the coloring).

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