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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Sight of the Stars View Post
I personally am not a fan of most religions and their followers for the above reason that PE2K Voices has stated. I find the general Christian the most irritating, considering they're quite prominent and usually the first that I hear express their concern and disdain for something, and are always the first to tell someone their wrong for being gay/lesbian/bi/transsexual, and then saying that they need Jesus or that they'll pray for the person's soul.

Now, please do understand that the above is the prime example of most of the Christians I know. I live in the vastly Republican state of Arkansas, so the above is what I hear and see on a daily basis. I actually do know a few wonderful religious folk that completely support homosexuality and all of its pursuits for rights, saying that God intended for love to be spread unconditionally and without regard to someone's sins or lifestyle, and those are the people I respect. It's the homophobic Christian parents that say they'd beat it out of them if their children became homosexuals that make me disgusted by some of them. And it's not just Christians, either. Most somewhat Bible-based religions are similar; Christian is just the one prominent and my state and the one that I recognize more for it. I am more educated in Christianity than I am in other religions, and I don't want to get the beliefs and statements of another teaching wrong.

So I just use Christianity as a representation. XDD

Anyway, yeah.

You know what I don't see Christian's flipping **** over? Divorce. Let me share with you a conversation between a student and my Civics teacher when we were having a debate on the matter of same-sex marriage:

"So, you don't believe that they should be able to marry? Why?"
"Because it's against my beliefs and against the bible. The bible says it's a sin."
"Okay. So the bible says that you can be forgiven for your sins, correct?"
"Yes, but if you ask for forgiveness for homosexuality, you're still living in that lifestyle and thus still sinning."
"Okay. The bible also says that divorce is wrong. So why can't you be forgiven for being divorced?"
"You can be if you ask for forgiveness."
"But you're still divorced, and you're still living in that lifestyle. No matter how much you ask for forgiveness, you're still divorced."

And as a note, no, she is not one-sided. She quizzes and challenges the views of those in support in the same manner, especially those who are religious and support it. c:

But, yeah. I think that's all I have to say for now.
The question of homosexuality is not old. Thats where most Christians say its against the Bible. From Sodom and Gomohorra(sp)

I have an exceptionally good friend who is Gay. Do I condemn him? No. Not my place. Do I wish he was straight? You bet. Do I bash him into feeling bad? No way.

Do I feel homosexuality is wrong? Yes. But I do believe in repentance. The problem with your arguement using divorce as an example is that divorce isn't a sin. Haha, I know you were just using it as an example, but still. Repentance isn't just a "Oh, I am sinning, Save me!" and then call it good. Your right, if you repent, but are still gay, or 'divorced', then your not really repenting. You can't just ask, like for candy. You have to want it. And then go about doing all you can to be forgiven. Anyways, I've said my peice. In my religion, we have a saying: "Love the sinner, not the sin"
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