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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye

Chapter Two is up:

Wadget and Litai

<The thing I find most annoying about the rules of this new world is the separation of the races into the distinct classes, Man and Mon>

<How does this annoy you?>

<Well, being a Goddess of my power, I am classed in the Man category, along with the lowly beings that worship us, that were made from clay>

<At least the Celestrians are with you>

<What, those children of a great tree? >

<As for me, I was created purely by greed.>


<Indeed. I was to born from a cell from Mew and Arceus combined, the last child of both>


<Yes. Mew's children were the Pokemon themselves, Arceus the masters of time, space, emotions, willpower...>

<So concepts.>

<Indeed. How were you created?

<I sprang fully formed from my father's head>

<A wonder how he survived that>

<We're gods, Mewtwo. To Zeus it was like getting a particularly gruesome cut. Nothing bad>

* * *

Ventri ducked, watching in the dark as the Wadget blasted through the poor excuse of a door, smashing into the moonlight.

The hissing was more annoyed now, turning. The moonlight hid the snake's details, but the Sandslash could see its silhouette, that of a large king cobra, bat-like wings attached to the frill flapping wildly to keep the intimidating hood from falling. It was easily the size of a human, as it lunged at Ventri again.

Sidestepping, the Mouse Pokemon realized he was in a bad position for escaping. The Wadget's body easily took up most of the small shed, and Ventri was pressed against the wall, looking wildly for the giant circle that was the frill, so he could identify where the head was.

In the darkness, however, it was hard, even with his sharp eyes. He had to escape, to get help...

And suddenly he knew, as he found the head in those two seconds of thought, what to do. Summoning the power he had locked up in his body ages ago, he unleashed an attack for the first time in two years.

The ground was already muddy, what with the humidity and sweating, but it seemed to melt into the earth, grass getting swallowed up as the Sand Tomb slowly absorbed the Wadget, who screeched in protest. It watched as its prey, quick on its feet, ran out the destroyed door, sprinting.

Acid suddenly struck the spikes on Ventri's back, causing him to yelp in pain. It was surprising, and the Sandslash tripped and fell. He used it to his advantage quickly by rolling into a ball, protecting himself. It had helped him when he lived in Orre's deserts, and he started wheeling forward. He didn't know where he was going, as he detected changes in the enemy's movements through the earth.

It didn't work, however, as the Wadget's acid saliva could penetrate the brown spikes easily. Indeed, he could feel his back stinging horribly as he rolled.

He hit a wall, and uncurled. He had struck the house where Erinn used to live. Now her grandfather resided there, living out his days. Ventri had thought he felt bumps as he had rolled uphill. The Wadget's hissing was as loud as ever, and now townspeople were waking up from their dreary states and slowly getting up.

The giant cobra had worked itself loose from the earth, using immense strength along with poison. It was slithering now, its frill on the ground, not flapping its wings now.

There were no guards at Angel Falls, for there was never a need to use them. Celestrians had always protected it, but with the Great Fusion they were too busy rebuilding and getting their lives back together. There were no guardians now, and Litai was having to fight any monsters that came in.

Litai. She could help. She lived holed up at the top of the waterfall. He needed to get up there.

The Wadget had him cornered, coiling to strike, its wings flapping maniacally to keep its head up. Nevertheless its aim would be deadly and true. He had to attack, to do something...

And he knew. The snake struck, suddenly bouncing back several feet, down the hill, next to the well. The Mouse Pokemon smiled, as he had used a move he could only learn as a child, thus deeming it an 'Egg Move.' His father had, long ago, taught him the move 'Counter' when he was only three. It had worked quite well, as the Wadget was struggling to get up from the wound, its wings were no longer flapping due to the surprise Counter.

But it was soon up, hissing angrily, about to spit venom. Ventri's eyes widened.

The acid struck him in the left eye. He screeched in pain, the poison eating away at his deep eye, his deep, knowing eye. He collapsed in pain, tears coming from his damaged eye, out of pain and panic.

Suddenly he felt something caressing his injured, melted eye. He looked up with his right, and saw a dim silhouette, a flame on the tail...

Litai was there, the crushed remains of a pink Pecha and blue Oran Berry in her claws. The Pecha Berry had stopped the venom, and the Oran Berry had already caused the gruesome would to glaze over. The pain had stopped, and Ventri looked up at the magnificent sight that was Litai, looking at the Sandslash with sadness at the eye, and relief as well.

“Litai...” Ventri said, his voice a bit slurred, but then he fell unconscious, exhausted.

The Charizard put the Sandslash down, her friend Ivor, the mayor's son, beside her.

“Keep watch,” Litai told Ivor, before she flew at the Wadget, who was being harassed by guards. She smashed headlong right into the snake, using a move she had learned long ago, as a Charmander, the Dragon Claw.

She tore at the hard scales of the monster, managing to injure the middle of its body, blood sleeking down its side. But the Charizard was pushed back by a sudden blow from the Wadget's head, as it hissed. Its tail then whipped her across the chest, making her yelp in pain as the stinging erupted across her body. She quickly sidestepped the acid that was spat at her, then she flew up, fire rising up her throat, into her jaws. She unleashed the flames, blasting them at her enemy, which looked up at the great orange dragon and her attack with fear.

Until it slithered forward, away from the flames, which caught its tail. Hissing in pain, it looked up, and spat.

A Charizard, to keep in the air, needs both wings in perfect condition to keep its massive bulk in the air. If one wing is incapacitated, then the dragon will fall. Whether it was aim or luck, the acid bit right into Litai's left wing. She roared in agony, plummeting to the earth, right by the lake that held the waterfall.

She got up, wincing as she inspected her right arm, which was hanging uselessly at her side. Then she rose, but instantly went back down again as the Wadget's head zipped right over, its wings beating, and pulled it back as if its body were a fencing sword.

Litai knew it was open, so she used her right wing and batted the Wadget away. In this time, she looked at her left wing, the one that was hit by the acid, and instantly felt the need to regurgitate.

What was once her wing was nothing but an orange and white crooked staff that jutted from her back. The membranes were completely gone, those beautiful citrus scales reduced to nothing but mucus, the green acid from the Wadget still doing its work.

The Wadget took its chance, its jaw unhooking from the rest of its head. Its fangs sliced through Litai's throat as it grappled onto her neck, wrapping itself, its wings stopping and retreating back behind the frill.

The venom coursed through her veins, and Litai struggled a bit, hugging the body of the snake wrapped around her, then fell to the ground.

Ivor suddenly came in, his sword drawn. The Wadget was trying to get out, but the single arm pinning it to the body was strong, and had been toughened by years of fighting. It was surprised as Ivor brought the blade down on the frill, cutting it in two.
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