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Default [WAR XI] Live Radio [Judged]

Live Radio

Beat. Thatís all itís ever started with, a rhythm in your chest to bring you about the day
Volume of the city outside comes to your ears as its tempo starts to drive its way into your mind
Rest is what you had today and now itís time to play out that newfound energy
Pick up your belongings and tune in to your favorite station

House now behind you as you note the starry sky
Horns on the street as engines run like bass lines
They dub you as a klutz as you step through the street in time
Itís just the headphones overhead as you channel change again

Rock on with the sound of every word you hear
Rifts break out and your heart strings are pulled with sadness
Blues and reds clash as people argue and scream
Rapping each other with material with few chanting a meaningful verse

Crescendo into such hard drumming of tension to be relieved
Classic response to release and bring down after such rise
Your forte is listening to this electronic-ZZT-a machine
As you decrescendo down to this new atmosphere

Sing out loud or speak the phrase with a melody in between
Languages you donít understand but do as the song flows
Happiness overcomes your thoughts as it cod-ZZT-a message you get
All together it lines up and comes in fusion with tech-ZZT-no a soul effort

Replay it again as you take a quick break and see
The world around you composes together no differently
Harmonize and socialize are keys in this life as we all try to band together
Even turbulent static occurs amongst the most powerful instruments

Listen to this device and hear how we all live as one ever-changing station.
Pause and playback to your thoughts on an alternative
The concert that is your community has shown you this
Pitch the idea in no sharp or flat way that what a simple radio can do shows us more than what it says

Radio, the radio, what is it to you?
Chime into the songs and dance along too
It speaks more than music or off and on news
The second language that reflects our society in muse

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