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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Name: Dominic Marten
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Appearance: Marten is typically seen as intimidating by most people at first simply due to his appearance, and it's easy to see why. Marten stands at around 6' 3" and has a broad chest and shoulders, while years in the Shinra Infantry have given him a fairly athletic build on top of it. Unlike Night and Cissnei, Marten actually seems to be affected by the sun and sports a light tan as a result, which goes with his brown eyes and short-cut dark brown hair pretty nicely. A thin layer of of dark brown stubble stands out on his face, making it look as though he's trying to grow a beard and goatee, but it never really gets much longer than that--Marten just likes his stubble. Again, unlike Cissnei and Marten and their eccentric clothing, Marten rarely wears much other than plain black t-shirts and pants with hiking boots and brown leather gloves, much like his younger comrade.
Personality: Marten, for being such a large individual, acts like a mother hen to anyone and everyone who will let him. His job working in the Shinra Infantry has kept him from settling down and getting a wife, so he doesn’t have any children—the one thing Marten would love to have—and Marten tends to “adopt” anyone younger than him who stays around him long enough because of it. He’s a great friend to have, warm and kind, with endless patience and a knack for patching up wounds, as well as a secret talent for braiding hair. He has particularly taken to Cissnei and Night, as he has known Cissnei since the company took her in when she was younger and Night was assigned to his squad/section upon first entering the infantry, though he has an even larger soft spot for younger children. As a sort of “veteran” of the Shinra infantry, Marten has a rather keen set of eyes and ears, and would readily use them to put himself in front of harm’s way to save one of his “adopted children,” friends, or group members, should he work in a group. He isn’t a bad leader, though you will find that he won’t advocate himself for the job, opting suggest candidates instead, until he is left as the only option, and once made leader, will do anything to keep his group safe, even if it means aborting a mission because he would rather take a chewing-out than see members of his “family” get hurt.
Home World: Final Fantasy (VII)
History: (optional but recommended; can just state important events. I don't need a novel)
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Other: Still carries his Infantry-issued submachine gun, and isn't afraid to use it if he has to.
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I know you're still working on Night, so I'll leave him alone for now until you have decided on his Link. Just keep me updated.
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