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Default Re: [IA] A Werewolf in Lilycove

> Hold your overcoat over your head to shield it from the sun. That way you don't have to constantly dunk your head in and out of the water.
You try this. However, because it's black leather, it really doesn't help at all.
> While waiting, you should probably get introductions out of the way so the two of you know what to call each other.
GAMMA: ...Did I ever get your name?
???: No.
GAMMA: What is it then?
???: People call me Theta.
GAMMA: Oh. Nice to meet you, Theta.
THETA: Whatever. Look, this is going to end soon and you can go back the way you came. Alright?
GAMMA: What about you?
THETA: I live in the water, stupid. I'll be fine.
GAMMA: Will you at least show me where you live?

She doesn't seem to want to humor you. You may need to convince her the hard way.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

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