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Reserve me as a tank in Hyprokure, please :3

SU here (WIP);

Name: Kuxir Sixoraw

Appearence: Stands 11 feet tall and very muscular, Kuxir is a living Bastion. No one has yet seen him without his armor, as he is constantly out fighting. He has a black-hued skin, and his most distinctive feature are his large, Pale-Green irises. While his natural size alone is massive, he wears a thick black armor suit. A black helmet, adorned with several spikes pointing backwards Offers full head protection, While the eyes, nose and mouth are left open. An invisible forcefield covers this opening. His shoulder pads are adorned with a small, single spike, with small gray chains attached to it, With real miniature skulls hanging from them. The black body armour that he wears features a distinctive jetpack on the back; Two artificial bat wings that are fully controllable by small transmitters attached to Kuxir's brains. The mains chestplate features a muscle motif. He wears a belt, featuring all kinds of mettalised skulls; From all the different races he fought. Some are big and feature huge tusks, others are sleek and resemble a canine skull. His left arm is covered entirely by one big Pitch-Black arm cannon; A long Bar with 6 sides, and a small hole at the end. The arm cannon can change forms; and is controlled using a control unit around his right leg, appearing as a thickened piece of black armor. He also wears a green cape, featuring an animated flame print on the inside.

Personality: Kuxir is usually a calm and docile person, not easy to provoke. Even during a war or when fighting; He keeps a calm, Carefree altitude. As if playing a mere game. His actions are usually taken as Sadistic though, as he takes enjoyment in blasting hostile lifeforms with his powerful arm cannon. He has a lordly air around him, obtained by never making any mistakes and never losing any battle; Although his massive power alone is enough to make everyone obey him.

History: Kuxir was born as one of the many normal civilians; Serving in the army as a soldier. However, his father, a prestigious scientist, Discovered an alternate way to creating energy, far bypassing the destructive forces containd in Nuclear fusion. He put such a generator inside an old custom arm-cannon model, as it was the only weapon with fit material. He equipped his son with this devastating weapon in tandem with a control unit around his right leg, in hope of him reaching the rank of a super soldier. However, during Kuxir's first battle, it became clear that he would far surpass the rank of Super soldier; One shot of his cannon blew up a whole formation of hostile battle vehicles. Noted for his Terrific power, he was quickly put in the rank of Tank by the King, Ken Gheng.

Place in army: Tank

What planet are you working for: Hyprokure.

-Arm cannon; Also known as 'The Rod Of Demise'. This cannon can create energy inside itself, and release it through the small opening at the end. The intense beams of power can instantly vaporize nearly everything. The Control unit around Kuxir's leg helps him in charging and releasing the power. Also Substitues as a hefty club.

-Jetpack: Kuxir's unique jetpack, which substitutes real bat-like wings, make him capable of flight. One mighty flap is capable of lifting him and his apparently heavy, but lightweight armor up. The wings are made out of a very precious metallic substance, which is very flexible and durable.

-Arm cannon: See Equipment.

-Flight: See Jetpack.

-Psychical powers: Most of the race of Hyprokure inhibit a slight ability of Mind-control, telepathy, telekinesis, etc. This is also true for Kuxir, as he has minor psychical abilities. He is capable of lifting lightweight objects, and using his Arm Cannon and Control Unit as if it were a part of him.

-Nuclear fusion: Having mastered the immense powers contained in his Arm cannon, he is capable of creating small amounts of Nuclear fusion power nearby. Mostly involves creating violent explosions, but can also be used to backup power supplies.

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