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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Post(put in spoiler tags to save space)
I most certainly agree with you on the multiplayer and age group parts. Although, The Wii U is coming out soon, and look at the features, it may even attract the adult age group. The Wii U will have video chat to other Wii U users. This may appeal to children, but maybe there are long distance families who don't have a webcam or a computer. The Wii U does offer many new features than its predecessor. Even with the announcement of the Wii U, Nintendo has released M rated games such as Call of Duty to their game lists. This appeals to the older age group. With the Wii Fit, anyone who wants to get into shape but doesn't want to pay for a full year gym membership can get fit with their schedule and personal routines. When you see the commercials for these, you see women using them with sleek bodies and perfect curves. However, women with a clogged schedule may purchase the Wii to use the Wii Fit.

Nintendo is starting to make new characters for "representatives". Link and Mario will always have their shine, but the new characters appeal to younger children.This of course means less violence and language and such. If you think about it, Parents are more likely to buy the Wii for their children the any other console. Teens who have jobs most likely game, so this means they will be buying for their consoles. They will most likely be buying X-Box games or PS3 games, and they won't be looking for new consoles, and they will limit their spending for new X-Box games. As for the Wii, parents will get active with their child, and strict parents will rather their children play Wii Sports than L.A. Noire. Parents will want to please their children, so they will most likely buy them what they want for their Birthdays or Christmas. But, with teenagers, parents will be less likely to buy consoles for their children as they grow older. Therefore, children are more likely to get Wiis then teens are to get other consoles.

Nintendo's success is not solely based of of B2W2. BW pulled off an amazing score, and sales through the roof. Of course, fans of BW are more likely to get B2W2. Other Nintendo appliances pull in the money as well. Especially with the 3DS and DSi. Many of us don't have a Wii, have an X-Box or a PS3, but most of us also have a DS of some sort. Whether it be the DS, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, DS Lite or want the upcoming 3DS XL. The sales from the consoles alone have pulled in millions if not more for Nintendo. Sony nor Microsoft produce as many consoles as Nintendo does. The NES, N64, GameCube, etc. All favorites of many of us. These Nintendo consoles no matter how old have payed off for Nintendo, and will continue to pull of and bring in the bucks for many years to come. Franchises such as Kirby, Mario, Zelda, and even Pokemon are being further developed into new games, such as Super Mario Bros. 2, or B2W2, or Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Time. The older franchises still bring in money! Newer franchises will also be further developed bringing in more and more dough for Nintendo! With each game getting better graphics, music, and plots, players will crave more.
Obviously being from the same team, me and Typhlosion Explosion agree that this stance is correct. I just want to add some things to this, as it stands. As some of you know, or most of you, Nintendo is becoming more of a "Family" brand. What I mean is, Nintendo has the highest percentage of E-Rated games. Now the way that gaming has evolved, families and E-Rated games are about half of the whole market. This is also a very stable part of the market, as there are always more families than there are more "traditional" gamers. And on RaptorJesus' point on FPS games usually being the best selling, look at 2010. Even though "Call of Duty: Black Ops" is at the top of the list, it's sold on the Wii. The next four games? Wii-Exclusive. As for 2011, Nintendo still holds more than a few top spots.

Also to say that Multi-Player is important is a good and strong point made by RaptorJesus, don't forget; Nintendo is becoming more family-oriented. Online is a scary place, and sometimes parents don't want their kids on it. Also, when you compared Nintendo to Rare, I saw that as comparing an apple to an orange. Rare didn't make consoles. Third-party developers are always changing and vanishing, only for more to be brought in. Look at Enix and SquareSoft, they combined. A lot of older third-party developers are also just vanishing, and a lot more are popping up. Ever heard of Media Molecule, co-developers of "LittleBigPlanet"? They were founded in 2006.

I do agree that while Nintendo can't milk its old franchises, it can use its new ones. Kingdom Hearts is quickly turning into a Nintendo-exclusive series, and The World Ends With You, one of my favorite games of all time, is also Nintendo-exclusive. It's also not Sony's PSP, it's Sony's PlayStation Vita that is now on the market, and I believe it's far from a joke, though it does fall short of the 3DS. The PSP, however, was insanely popular, and was far from a joke, becoming a major competitor in the handheld market. It had many original games, such as Dissidia and Phantasy Star Portable(also sported Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep). And last time I checked, they have a very, very large following. That's not to say it beat out the DS though; it was more popular due to it's third-party support in games like Scribblenauts and The World Ends With You.

When you look back on it, maybe Nintendo is more for Single-Player and local Multi-Player games. maybe that's the approach; call your friends, relax, sit on the couch, drink some soda/pop, and grab a controller each. Maybe Nintendo is taking a step back to what's really important in a game; Story, Gameplay, Music, and friends.

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