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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Vanitas View Post
I wouldn't call dusclopes as offenive Xd.

I got a dw breloom, tis the bollocks, waiting on getting dw ditto, it's not as easy as i don't think i can hack breed it

EDIT: mence got outrage moxie and dragon dance, gliscor got Sr and roost with toxic heal and pretty much every move in 4th gen as a tm or move touter is back and multiscale lugia = god of stall and possibly offensive like nite lugia is a speedy birdie, ho-oh is no longer useless and dragonite got supper power
no me neither, but it is one of my favorite evolutionary lines lol

how about this so far:

as for the other news, i'm guessing that mence and gliscor will be up in suspect sometime soon?
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