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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Well last night while I was a few states away, Caroline contacted me telepathically. She told me that you guys could use some help." Kevin responded, to which Kiseki gave a sigh of relief. It was reassuring to know that they now had two Originals on their side. If only Elijah were still here…

"I think that's an understatement." Kotomi’s voice came from behind them, the dark haired teen running over into Kevin’s arms as Ichiru walked up beside Kiseki and Ashley, having finished checking on the girls upstairs. Ever since the night before when Klaus had possessed Kotomi while she was unconscious, he had been worried about something happening to Abigail or Scarlet as they slept. He had even had a hard time sleeping the night before due to the worries, as well as the nightmare that had returned.

"I haven't seen you guys in about two years or so. You guys haven't aged a day." Kevin joked, snapping Ichiru out of his thoughts as the rest of the group laughed. The blonde then released Kotomi and looked over to Aiden, who hadn’t moved or said anything since the other Original had come in. He still felt slightly awkward around the group due to not socializing with people much the past few years, despite his friendly personality.

"That's Aiden." Ashley said, bringing Kevin to nod.

"So, looks like I've got another little brother to boss around. Beats having a moody little sister like Rebekah." He laughed, bringing Aiden to finally smile in response. The blonde’s expression then became serious as he looked back to the rest of the group. "So Rebekah, Kol and Finn are really here? Along with Klaus' Ghost?" Ashley gave a nod, bringing Kevin to sigh. Damon walked in the door then, bringing the twins to look at him in confusion. Since they had gone to bed shortly after he had left, they didn’t know that he had never returned - even though Ichiru had spent most of the night awake.

"What did I miss?" Damon asked in concern. Kevin looked down for a few moments, before responding.

"There's something you guys need to know... about Niklaus' death." He then looked up at everyone, motioning them to the couches. "Everyone should be here to talk about what I need to tell you guys, including Bonnie, Jeremy and their family."

"I'll umm... go back and get them then." Damon said, Kevin nodding in response as the dark haired Vampire left once more. Kotomi closed the door behind him just as Isobel, Lexi and Stefan came downstairs to join the group.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" Lexi asked in surprise after the group noticed the Original.

"Once Damon returns with Jeremy, Bonnie and their family then we all need to talk." Kevin then looked over to Ashley. "Are the children still asleep?"

"Yes." Ashley answered with a nod.

"Good. What I'm about to tell you guys soon will most likely give them nightmares." Kevin said, then walking over to an empty couch and sitting down. The rest of the group sat down as well, Kotomi taking her place beside Aiden. Both of the twins noticed this despite the fact that she did so innocently, giving each other a knowing glance. Aiden looked at the female Vampire in what seemed to be surprise for a moment, although a few seconds later he averted his gaze in an attempt to hide the sudden reddening in his cheeks. He heard Kiseki chuckle softly, bringing him to give the younger Vampire a brief glare. He didn’t understand why his face was beginning to feel hot, and it irritated him - a lot.

However, the nervousness he felt toward the current situation overrode this other strange feeling. He could tell that Kotomi felt nervous as well from the repeated tapping of her bare foot on the floor. Even Ichiru and Kiseki appeared slightly unnerved from the sudden mention of what seemed to be bad news, the latter fidgeting every now and then from his place beside Caroline.

The thought crossed Aiden’s mind to briefly put a hand over Kotomi’s for reassurance, which he fought for several moments before it seemed as though his body acted on its own, and his hand moved to rest on top of hers for a moment as he gave her a small, reassuring smile. He had to wonder what news about Klaus’ death Kevin could possibly have for them, although it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be good.
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