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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Menora Silvanus, Mellony Silvanus, Celestine
North of Easthaven
ARPers: Kamikaze (Aldur, Ailith)
"Well well, how about that for a coincidence? We're headed there as well, and I see no reason why we can't travel together. Perhaps you can fill me in on this whole thing about being a Guardian, Aniu seems to be amused by telling me things way after I need to know them, why not make use of this lucky encounter?"

Menora caught the meaning. She had heard of Aniu's power from Omen. However if it was truly her doing or just coincidence itself would remain a mystery. The hunter then nodded before she addressed the suggestion.

"I don't see the problem in that," she replied. "Over time you'll become more sensitive to other Guardians and Beasts, and even be able to pinpoint where a Guardian's Mark is without even havin' to see it. Like I can tell yours in on your left palm."

Celestine just chuckled at that while Mellony rolled her eyes. Nero was indifferent, not caring either way. The direwolf looked at his hunter, and with a quick nod he went on ahead further up the path a bit to check for threats.

"You can continue your teaches on the road," Celestine then said before she smirked. "I have a woman to get back to."

With that the scythe-wielding mage went after the direwolf. Again the blond mage rolled her eyes. She was used to this behavior from the older mage, and did not look amused at all. She just looked at her sister before following after the other woman and hound. Menora just smiled before turning back to Aldur and Ailith. She then motioned for them to walk with her before she spoke again.

"You should already be able to communicate with her when she's in the other realm," the rogue started. "Do you know how to summon Aniu?"
Kai (NPC)
Underground, Southbay
ARPers: Winter (Anya)
"Looking to help save the mages, eh? Well you've certainly stumbled into the right room. I'm hiring people to help me bust my healing mage sister out of the containment area here. Want to help?"

Kai's eyes grew wider. She didn't pick up on the woman's tone or her expression. All Kai noticed was what was being said. She then smiled and nodded enthusiastically. She also straightened up her posture, having been a little hunched before with embarrassment. Her hands were balled into fists at her side, her eyes bright with determination.

"Yes, Kai wants to help the mages," she replied. "What can Kai do to help?"
Agana Lilith
Agana's Inn, Skyspire
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Brainiac (Corbin); Kamikaze (Darios)
Agana was completely calm, even with the gaze of the captain on her. However she relaxed a bit when the knight uncrossed her arms and sat down on the stool she was standing next to. She removed her gauntlets, and then the gloves that protected her skin from the steel. The silver haired woman turned back to the redhead, still as serious as before but not as dominant.

"That was bold of your companion," she said, noticing the note that was on the bar. She could make out the writing and was able to read it before Agana picked it up. The bartender then disposed of it, remembering the words for later.

The way you feel right now, the rage, the fear, the danger; nobody should have to feel like that for refusing to hide who they are. That’s what this is about.

"Believe me, Captain-"

"No need for formalities," the knight cut her off. "We are simply talking as old friends."

Agana smiled a bit as she poured herself another shot. "Naomi then. As I was saying, I did not think he would bring that issue up."

"He is lucky I convinced the men that were able to hear some of what he said that he was just saying nonsense."

Naomi watched as the mage downed another shot. She had known her for a while now, and knew her secrets. However she never turned the woman in. Even if her monarch wanted all mages imprisoned, the captain could not do it. She never was one to actually arrest a mage, it was always her men. A thought she wish she could forget.

"You heard all of it, though," the inn's owner's voice broke her train of thought. "You being a Garou."

Agana looked up from her shot glass, her crimson eyes meeting blue. Their races should be enemies, but they were comrades. The captain was a wolf shifter, her race created from the forbidden magic that the inn owner practiced. She knew it was a touchy subject, but she never went further than that. She then put the bottle of liquor away before returning her attention to the knight.

"You aren't going to arrest him?"

Naomi shook her head. "No, not this time. But he has to be careful where he decides to rally the mages. Most of the knights may be focused on the preparations for the Games and keeping crime under control, but that does not mean that they will sit idly by while someone gathers the magic users."
Somewhere between Lakeshire and Riverrun
ARPers: Winter (Aileena)
"There's a lot about Leena to learn, Drakon. I've had my eye on her for quite awhile."

Drakon turned to look at the woman again. It was true that he had no knowledge of her, but if he seemed like a good choice to Harland, then that was what mattered for the time being. For now they needed Guardians, but when he was finished with his plans he would see no need for them. Soon, he thought, soon he and his kin will retake this land and return it to how it once was. The dragon then turned back to the raccoon, hearing his next words.

"Mischief... What kind of mischief are you looking to see, Drakon?"

If the dragon could smirk he would. "Any kind you want," he replied. "We need to show the rest of these humans that we are back. We are not merely legends. We have powers they could not even dream of. But most importantly we need to put them back in their place. The capital is the prime place to do this, and there will be no better opportunity to show most of the country of our return when most of the population is located there for the Games."

However before he could continue, he felt a familiar pull. His Guardian was summoning him. It was rare, but when he was called for Drakon was usually not disappointed with the task his Guardian wanted his attendance in. He then started to walk back to the tree line, and out of sight form the other Sacred Beast and his chosen Guardian.

"Think it over, Harland. I'll come back for an answer before the Games begin."
APRers: Brainiac (Suhail)
Taro watched. He had been watching for some time. It was his task to look for more recruits, it be to take Trails to get more Sacred Beasts on his side or for his army. There would be a time when he would need all the forces he could get, so he wanted to be prepared. But this man had caught his interest. So he had been watching him for a while. Traded from one master to another, the thing binding him to that master was a black stone. He wasn't sure as to exactly how it worked, but he was going to find out.

He then placed his hand over his Mark, summoning the red crystal that would open a portal for his Beast. He just stared at it for a moment before he smirked. Drawing one of his swords, he then made his move. The man he had been watching just returned with a little girl, and he had seen the whole rescue. This man's skills were impressive, and Taro wanted that skill on his side. He tossed the crystal up and shattered it with a single slash of his sword. In an eruption of fire, the mighty red dragon appeared. While this was happening, Taro was able to cleanly stab the master of his target. Sure, it wasn't exactly a swift and painless death, but he would quickly bleed out. Drakon slashed his claws out at the mother of the child. It would be another painful death, but that was something the two drew power from. The child was spared, to a point. Some of Taro's followers grabbed her, binding her so she couldn't escape.

Taro then pulled his sword out of the corpse and began looking through his belongings. It wasn't long before he found the stone, and with a merciless smirk he took it in his hand. He was able to examine it closely now. It didn't look like much from a distance, but now he could see the design on it and feel its weight. He could truly appreciate its beauty now.

"So this is what binds you to a person," he mused.

The dragon then looked at the only one who was not attacked or restrained. So that must have been who his summoner was tracking. However he wasn't quite sure until he noticed the stone. He had heard of something like this, but the dragon never really bothered to look into it. Instead he just kept his gaze on the scene, watching the last bit of life leave the parents and waiting for a reaction from the other man.
((OoC: Sorry for the delay in getting this out and for some of the rushed parts. Thank you all for waiting for me to catch up on the posts and reply to all of the parts that involved my characters.))
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