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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Jovi and Cissnei be finished. I say this specifically because Jovi and Cissnei's histories are large enough in size that it was telling me I was at the character limit for that post. XD Night and Marten, as well as Peace, follow this announcement.

Name: Dominic Marten
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Appearance: Marten is typically seen as intimidating by most people at first simply due to his appearance, and it's easy to see why. Marten stands at around 6' 3" and has a broad chest and shoulders, while years in the Shinra Infantry have given him a fairly athletic build on top of it. Unlike Night and Cissnei, Marten actually seems to be affected by the sun and sports a light tan as a result, which goes with his brown eyes and short-cut dark brown hair pretty nicely. A thin layer of of dark brown stubble stands out on his face, making it look as though he's trying to grow a beard and goatee, but it never really gets much longer than that--Marten just likes his stubble. Again, unlike Cissnei and Marten and their eccentric clothing, Marten rarely wears much other than plain black t-shirts and pants with hiking boots and brown leather gloves, much like his younger comrade.
Personality: Marten, for being such a large individual, acts like a mother hen to anyone and everyone who will let him. His job working in the Shinra Infantry has kept him from settling down and getting a wife, so he doesn’t have any children—the one thing Marten would love to have—and Marten tends to “adopt” anyone younger than him who stays around him long enough because of it. He’s a great friend to have, warm and kind, with endless patience and a knack for patching up wounds, as well as a secret talent for braiding hair. He has particularly taken to Cissnei and Night, as he has known Cissnei since the company took her in when she was younger and Night was assigned to his squad/section upon first entering the infantry, though he has an even larger soft spot for younger children. As a sort of “veteran” of the Shinra infantry, Marten has a rather keen set of eyes and ears, and would readily use them to put himself in front of harm’s way to save one of his “adopted children,” friends, or group members, should he work in a group. He isn’t a bad leader, though you will find that he won’t advocate himself for the job, opting suggest candidates instead, until he is left as the only option, and once made leader, will do anything to keep his group safe, even if it means aborting a mission because he would rather take a chewing-out than see members of his “family” get hurt.
Home World: Final Fantasy (VII)
History: Most important events correlate with Cissnei's history--other history may be revealed as the RP goes.
Riolu-Female-Diva (Her fur appears to be various shades of pink in color rather than blue and black)
Link: N/A
Other: Still carries his Infantry-issued submachine gun, and isn't afraid to use it if he has to.

Name: Night Westerly
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Most people are surprised to find out that Night was a member of the Shinra Infantry—one of the best shots there, believe it or not—mainly because of his size. Night is small for his age, and always has been, really, leaving him at about 5’ 6” which often looks odd when he stands next to Marten. This is only worsened by the fact that he is incredibly scrawny—he looks as though he hasn’t been run through drills and exercises over and over again the past few years and people are often surprised to see he is stronger than he appears. Many tend to be under the impression that Night is younger than he is as well, with his cheerful gold-rimmed eyes and wild, often haphazardly spiked black hair and wild dusting of golden freckles on fair skin giving him even more of a childish appearance. He seems to have taken a liking to civilian clothing, though it closely resembles his old infantry uniform, wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed back to his elbows as well as a pale blue scarf wrapped loosely around his neck. With this, he wears a plain pair of blue jeans tucked into brown boots, as well as brown leather gloves on his hands. While most guys his age wouldn’t be skittish about losing their shirts, however, Night won’t let anyone see under his due to being a little shy about a rather large scar that stretches diagonally across his torso, though it’s also the only scar he has that he worries about—and he’s got a good few.
Personality: Night is one of those guys who just doesn’t slow down—not for anything at all. He is almost ever-cheerful, full of energy to burn, and looking for something to burn it on. He’s incredibly friendly and easy to talk to—provided his typical close proximity to Marten doesn’t scare everyone away. He has kind of adopted Marten’s family views and will look after anyone in his “family” to make sure they stay safe—particularly Cissnei and Marten, whom he views like an older sister and father. He is quite kind to the Pokémon he has taken in, and enjoys his new life in this new world very much, as he is no longer working for Shinra, where lies and half-truths were likely to get him and every other member of the Infantry killed. He’s not interested in impressing anyone in the slightest, however, as he is bashful about the large scar on his torso and rarely talks about his ability with guns anymore, as his experience in the Shinra Electric Company’s Infantry was not a wonderful one.
Home World: Final Fantasy (VII)
History: Most important events correlate with Cissnei's history--other history may be revealed as the RP goes.
Link: Ifrit (FFVIII Version) *not mine
Other: It will only be after a certain event that Night is linked with Ifrit, and will not begin to hear voices until after this event.

Name: Pierce "Peace" Hopkins
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Peace is one of those girls who simply doesn't look like she's spent her whole life sick. This is largely thanks to her aunt, who she's been living with aboveground for some time now, and who told Peace upon her arrival that as long as she didn't overdo it that the girl could do basically whatever she wanted as long as it wasn't illegal. Peace has since spent every available moment outside in the sun with her Pokemon, giving her a tan that makes her expressive grey eyes and butter-blonde hair, which she has a lot of (think Caitlin from Pokemon or, SeeU, if you need a visual) that falls in a wild mess of waves and curls to her mid-back, stand out. She's typically seen wearing a yellow sundress a few shades darker than her hair and edged in pale green ribbon that reaches to her mid-thigh...which is why she wears a pair of faded denim shorts that go to her knees under it. While she does have a denim jacket as well, she strongly dislikes wearing it, often resulting in Gardenia, her Gardevoir, wearing her jacket instead, and though she would rather (and oftentimes still will) run around barefoot than ever put shoes on, she does wear a simple pair of pastel green flats when she must. She carries her things around in a simple pastel green drawstring bag. All of this and her grand height of 5' 7" tend of make people think she's in her mid-teens instead of nearly twenty.
Personality: Peace is a very bright and friendly girl, as well as her nickname might suggest, a pacifist. She loves making new friends, but hates seeing people fight, and often tries to break up fights when she's near them. Otherwise, she's very childish in many aspects, such as her dislike of conflict and belief that there's good in everyone, some just need a bit more time to find it than others, and she'll gladly try to help you find your inner good if you give her the chance. She really loves nothing more than to play outside alongside her Pokemon, many of whom she has known from a very young age--in fact, Miss Emma has been around as long as Peace can remember and, in combination with Gardenia, acts as her mother away from home, which Peace tends to react to with sometimes feigned and sometimes real annoyance. She also seems to be very conscious of how the emotions of those around her, and will try to cheer anyone and everyone she comes across up if she can tell they're feeling down...even complete strangers. Her life spent mostly inside, away from people, often results in her being a bit strange, well, aside from everything about her that's already strange, anyway.
Home World: Pokemon
History: Peace was born a sickly child in the region of Sinnoh, alongside a completely healthy twin brother named Ward in the Sinnoh region, in Floaroma Town. Her parents did everything they could think of at the time, even having a Chansey and a Kirlia (known as Miss Emma and Gardenia) look after her at all times and having them try their own healing abilities on the girl, as well as calling doctors to the town, but nothing seemed to work on her for long. When it became apparent she was going to get no better in the beautiful, flower-filled town, her parents packed up and moved the family to Jublife, where doctors were close by if something happened. Too scared of their daughter getting hurt or more ill than she already was, Peace was rarely allowed to leave the house, and even then, never out of the city where she could see flowers like she faintly remembered there being in Floaroma and never without her twin and Gardenia at her side. Peace's life seemed to float away in years like this, many of her Pokemon brought to her by her brother or parents, but the girl always wished for something more...which was exactly what happened the day the world beyond her bedroom window seemed to explode in a white light and she found herself waking up in a forest with her family and many others, later.

Thinking that maybe the answer to improving their daughter's health lay underground, Peace's family uprooted themselves when the civilization belowground became decently established. Unfortunately, while Peace was awed and charmed by the crystals of the world below, her condition there actually worsened, and eventually she was sent to live with her aunt's family near one of the larger cities aboveground. Unlike her mother and father, Peace's aunt was nowhere near as restrictive and told the girl she could do what she liked as long as she didn't overexert herself and she went to her doctor's appointments like she should. This freedom (or more likely the fresh air and sun she received as a result) seemed to improve her health greatly, and everything was going great. And that was when Peace began to hear a woman's voice in her head...
Chansey-Female-Miss Emma (and she really does get mad if you don't put that "Miss" there)
Gardevoir-Female-Gardenia (commonly found wearing Peace's denim jacket)
Link: Shiva (FFVIII Version) *not mine

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