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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
here's what i have for the drizzle room team:

252HP/252Sp Atk/4Sp Def
Encore/Scald/Ice Beam/Surf

252HP/252Sp Def/4 Def
Trick Room/Wish/Toxic/???

Trick Room/W-o-W/Pain Split/Shadow Sneak

Scizor@Life Orb
Swords Dance/Bullet Punch/U-Turn/Brick Break

last two are open, but i'm looking for a spec sweeper, maybe porygon z, and either a tank or another sweeper

it's been a while so if anything needs to change let me know, thanks in advance guys
I don't think it's really worth it, you'd be better off with just a regular offfensive trick room teams as most slow waters are either too weak or can speed up (shell smash anyone?). I would suggest going down any trick room team you wnat to be as offensive as possible, bulky to be specific so i would ditch audino, it's pretty worthless anyways weak and lacking the ability to take heavy hits, nice in nu bad in ou. Dusknoir might make a better bet for trick room teams to keep offensive momentum up as dusclopes relies heavily on nightshade ect to do any real damage, speaking of damage dealers marowak has always been a solid choice for trick room as is slowbro, snorlax ect all bulky yet powerful.

also technition has hown to be very effective for breloom in dw, you see breeloom gets two essential moves to make him scizor like effectiveness. match punch and bullet seed the later of which is a slightly weaker seeed bomb but can be more powerful than focus punch!

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