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Default Re: [WAR XI] Foxamivalth of AWESOME vs. 5TailedDemonLizard of Revolution Uprising.


[-] Nidoking (M)
Ability: Rivalry
Health: 79%
Energy: 92%
Status: Wounded in both body and pride.
Megahorn ~ Shadow Claw


[-] Slowking (M)
Ability: Own Tempo
Health: 90%
Energy: 84%
Status: This just gets better and better.
Zap Cannon ~ Psychic/Protect

Nidoking's head lowered slowly and ominously, his expressionless face giving little hint of the rage that boiled in his toxic blood. The single horn on his great purple head began to shine and shimmer, the tip of it pulsing with a faint green light. With a bellow that seemed deep enough to shake the earth, the great behemoth charged, his head lowered like a Rampardos on the attack. Slowking's eyes widened in horror, but like the daisies and berries that Nidoking's great feet were crushing, he could not move aside. His fear left him immobile; in seconds, Nidoking's horn slammed into him, sending him flying across the grass. His fall was broken by the soft vegetation, but that didn't lessen the pain in his chest. Slowking lifted a hand to the place where he had been hit and felt the wetness of blood. Great. He was getting sliced up like deli ham.
[Megahorn: Nidoking, -12% Energy; Slowking, -32% HP]

Slowly and stiffly, Slowking rose, his body hurting from the abuse. He heard his Trainer's order and looked at Nidoking incredulously, unable to believe the order he had been given. His Trainer wanted that? And he supposed he was to aim for the horn, yes? Muttering under his breath, Slowking lifted his hands, concentrating on summoning up the power of electricity - a power that did not come easily to him. He sent a sphere of compacted lightning flying at Nidoking, knowing full well that even if the attack hit, it would be futile. But from so far away, Slowking certainly had trouble aiming - especially with such an unweildy attack. The ball of lightning missed by over a foot, causing Nidoking to grin broadly.
[Zap Cannon: Slowking, -18% Energy]

Slowking's next orders left him even more irritated. All he heard was 'use Protect if' before his brain felt like it was going to explode. Stifling an angry snarl, he flopped down in the grass, refusing to move.
[Protect Penalty: Slowking, -8% Energy]

Nidoking was slightly confused at his opponent's immobility, but he wasn't going to let that kind of an opportunity slide. He lifted one of his hands, the short claws flickering with an ominous black-and-violet light. Nidoking ran right for Slowking, his claws lifted high. Seeing this, Slowking leaped to his feet and attempted to get out of the way; however, he had no time. By the time he was on his feet, Nidoking's harsh claws were slashing through his skin, sending him sprawling backward once more. Slowking groaned. He lay in the grass, his body throbbing, hoping to Arceus that his Trainer had the best plan in the world to get him out of this situation.
[Shadow Claw: Nidoking, -7% Energy; Slowking, -19% HP]


[-] Nidoking (M)
Ability: Rivalry
Health: 79%
Energy: 73%
Status: That was just fantastic. [+1 ATK; Focus Energy]


[-] Slowking (M)
Ability: Own Tempo
Health: 39%
Energy: 58%
Status: Come on, really!?

Ref Notes
Megahorn's accuracy roll was 28; 1-85 for hit.
Megahorn's Crit roll was 10; 1-25 for Crit.
Zap Cannon's accuracy roll was 90; 1-50 for hit.
Night Slash's Crit roll was 29; 1-33.3 for Crit.
You know that Ground-types are impervious to electricity, yes?
The circumstances under which Protect can be used as a conditional are not extant at this time.

Foxamivalth, your moves please.
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Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D