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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Persephone Silverton
Grass Ace.
Viridian City.
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Persephone was, as a general rule, an early riser. She absolutely loved to see the dawning of each new day just as the first rays of life-giving sunlight touched the horizon. She could practically feel the light soaking into her small body, giving her new energy and vigor... As well as sunburns, but Persephone didn't like to think about that aspect of sunlight. Heat and light and photosynthesis were much happier than painful, damaged skin.

That morning, Persephone watched the sunrise from the thick, sturdy branches of one of her favorite trees. Beside her sat her faithful companion: Laurel, the Bulbasaur, who had been her best friend and partner for as long as she could remember. He loved this tree, too - especially the delicious Oran berries that hung from the branches within easy Vine-Whipping range. A vine shot out of Laurel's bulb and snatched a berry, as if on the same track as Persephone's thoughts. He offered it to her, and she accepted it with a murmured thanks and took a bite of the fresh fruit. Delicious.

Once the great ball of fire had risen somewhat above the horizon, but not before the tint of rosy pink had drained from the puffy clouds overhead, Persephone slowly began the task of climbing down. She was completely ready for the day - she had gotten dressed, showered, and packed all before the sun was up and headed out here for her last glimpse of the wild green woods that were as much her home as the house she had lived in in Viridian all her life. All she needed to do was grab her bag - which waited for her at the foot of her tree - and head to the Trainer's School. She would probably be early, which she liked. Persephone loved early things: early risers, early blossoms, early Pinaps... Smiling at the thought, Persephone hopped off the last branch and fell roughly six feet. She landed smoothly, her small body absorbing the shock with an ease born of practice. Laurel thumped to the ground beside her, having used his vines to navigate the wooden maze.

"Come on, let's go!" said Persephone, her voice loaded with excitement. For the first time she felt excitement bubbling up within her. Before today, the 'journey' thing had seemed far-off and unreal. But now, on the day of, it seemed as if it had always been a part of her life. She reached for her bag, ready to take on the world... But it wasn't there. Not the world, that is. Her bag was missing. Persephone's reaching hand closed on empty space.

"What's the matter?" Laurel appeared at Persephone's feet, his round red eyes seeming quite confused. Persephone shook her head and gestured to the bag-less spot beside her. She was certain she had left it on that exact tree root.

"My bag's gone!" she said, her voice rising in panic. Without her bag full of precious supplies - dried fruit pieces to snack on, a change of clothes, a couple of Pokeballs and her sketchbook - the journey would be absolutely rotten. "I left it right here, and now it's gone! You have to help me look for it, Laurel!"

The Bulbasaur yawned. "Are you sure you didn't just misplace it?" he asked. Most people would have merely heard him repeating fragments of his name, but Persephone had a great deal of empathy for things in nature, Pokemon included, and she was able to understand, although this ability didn't work very well with anything other than grass-types. Yet. "Maybe you set it on some other tree root. It's nothing to panic over."

"Yes it is!" Persephone began, but a noise from deeper in the forest made her start. Cautiously she peered over the tree root... And found a pastel-blue Nidoran digging through my bag. I screwed up my nose. Poison-types, great. Sure, a lot of Grass-types were part Poison, but that didn't make the little beasties any less repulsive - or dangerous. Nidoran venom, while not particularly potent, was not something Perephone wanted to mess with.

Cautiously she said to it, "Hey there, little missie. That's my bag, so if you wouldn't mind stepping off of it..." she gave the Nidoran her best reassuring smile. It glared up at Persephone for a moment before releasing a contemptuous hiss and popping a slice of dried-up Cheri berry in its mouth. Persephone glared right back, outraged that it thought it could just eat her food like that!

"Listen," Persephone said, trying to keep her voice calm, "that's my stuff. And I really need it. How about this: you take the fruit and then move, and I'll take the bag? How does that sound?" the Nidoran frowned, as if it was genuinely considering this. Then it deftly snatched another couple of fruit pieces in one claw before walking away, disappearing into the forest again. Persephone heaved a sigh of relief and put the rest of the fruit in the front pouch of her bag. That was for Laurel, whose sturdy body was impervious to most natural poisons. She would just have to buy more fruit at a Pokemart.

Eager to make up for the delay, Persephone slung her bag over one shoulder and rushed for Viridian. When she got there, it was still only about seven o'clock, but that didn't stop her from fretting. She ran right into the Trainers' school, a bunch of apologies ready on her tongue. However, she found that she was nothing close to late - the school was practically deserted. She sighed.

"See?" asked Laurel. "You're getting too stressed-out. There's nothing you need to worry about except getting some breakfast. And, more importantly, getting me some breakfast."

Persephone rolled her eyes at her Bulbasaur. "Fine. Although after how you pigged out on those Oran berries..." she let the sentence hang. Laurel shot her a look of indignation from wide red eyes.

"Hey!" he exclaimed. "I'm a growing Pokemon!"

That coaxed a laugh out of even tense Persephone. Shaking her head mirthfully, she walked into the cafeteria, which was still mostly empty. She picked out delicious Pechas-and-cream oatmeal for herself, a tangy, tender Greppa berry for Laurel, and an out-of-the-way table at which they could sit and eat their breakfast in peace. As they munched, they watched the cafeteria fill up, noting the familiar faces of the Trainers they were to be traveling with. There was irritable Markus, with his bleach blond hair and his Nidoran, which Persephone especially didn't trust now. There were her fellow aces: shy, fire-loving Leah, anti-social Eti, and cool, curt Shay, who frankly seemed to be drowning in her gray hoodie. There were the Mages, whom Persephone found hard to trust given the nature of their abilities. But there was still no sign of Max, and he had claimed he would be there fifteen minutes ago.

Then, suddenly, there was a sound at the door. Persphone whirled around to see none other than the Defense Master standing in the doorway. He had a pleasant smile on his face, the warmth somewhat belied by the scruffy wildness of his snow-white hair. "What are we waiting for?" he asked, surveying his students as if genuinely surprised they were all still sitting there. Laurel blinked up at him like he thought the teacher was mad.

"Good question. What ARE we waiting for?" Markus's angry voice broke through the crowd. Persephone looked toward him, alarmed - getting angry like that was no way to begin a journey! "A Defensive Master, obviously, which you have been appointed to! So, what were we waiting for you to finish?!"

"Calm the heck down," growled Laurel, wincing as he munched an especially sour bite of Greppa. "It's not the end of the world that we have to wait fifteen minutes." Persephone shot him a scathing glare. Conflict was not an option!

Immediately a clamor broke out. “Calm down – the more time we have to prepare, the more likely we are to succeed.” That was Xiac, a specialist in Water-type Pokemon. Usually he was a bit impetuous, but right now he sounded rather like a voice of reason. Persephone was glad of that.

However, Shay, master of birds, had to put her two Poke in as well. “Maybe we’re waiting for you to mop up your sarcasm off the floor before we all slip on it, and act with some maturity," she snarled. Her own voice oozed with the sarcasm she was speaking against. “He’s a Defensive Master for a reason, and you aren’t a Defensive Master. I’d suggest you shut your yip up and grow a little patience so we can get on our way, rather than having to waste our time, listening to you squawk like you could do a better job.”

Persephone took a deep breath. She had to step in before it came to an argument. In her most soothing tone, the same tone she had used on the Nidoran earlier, she said to both of them, "Why don't we all just take a step back and calm down. We're all here for a reason, including Markus; it's because we were the best they could find for whatever area we're delving into. And Max is here - late or otherwise - for a reason too. There's nothing to gain by arguing with him." Satisfied, she sat back, hoping that the hotheaded Markus would be able to see reason.
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