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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

OOC: Whew...I had fun writing this.

Shay Miru
Viridian Trainer School
9,271 Characters [5 points, dun care about the other 4000 characters not getting points XD]


I was already up and dressed, and out the door of the Trainer School. The sun was just rising over the horizon, and the cool air felt nice. Asharas was around my shoulders, her warm flames being sure not to singe my hair. I was only in my tank top, leaving my sweater hung on a low tree branch in the back yard behind the building, mostly used for training. Rocks littered the field, ranging from small pebbles to larger boulders, almost as if they outlined the patches of bare dirt where many feet and claws had worn away at the grass, leaving it forever bare. I looked down at Asharas, who was still trying to rub the sleepiness out of her eyes as she yawned a smoky yawn. I smiled and patted her head.

“Come on, just because we’re doing something new doesn’t mean the schedule’s gonna change bud.”

Asharas sneezed and hopped over to the nearest rock, her flame blazing away in the shadow of the building behind us. She raised her claws and started attacking the rock with a simple Scratch attack. Of course, as I watched, it didn’t look like it was doing much to the stone at all, but small claw marks were seen after a few minutes. My Charmander’s claws were sharp, and I was trying to train her in learning a useful attack known as Metal Claw. Normally one would focus on what their Pokémon were exceptionally good at, that being fire attacks, but I didn’t train like everyone else. Asharas had a pretty good Ember attack already, one that showed promise enough and something I could focus on training later. I knew Asharas would train without my constant watch, so I found another tree and started doing my own arm lifts with another branch that was just high enough to give me a few inches off the ground as I hung from it. I pulled myself up and down in synch with Asharas’ Scratch attacks, feeling her energy as well has her feeling mine. The two of us were like sisters; inseparable family with a strong bond. Many wondered why Asharas hadn’t evolved yet, as I had the shiny Charmander for years. I simply told them she decided if she evolved, and if so, when she would. Pokémon wasn’t about evolution, it was about bonding. I certainly liked them better than human beings, Pokémon seemed to have a better understanding of things, and also they didn’t piss me off as much.


I got down from my branch with a bit of a thud, my arms feeling inflamed from so much exercise work. I looked at Asharas’ progress, seeing a significant gash in the stone. As she continued to claw though, there wasn’t that extra shine indicating a Metal Claw attack just yet. As I thunked down on my rear and leaned against the tree, she came back and sat next to me left side. I looked at her small claws, seeing them scuffed up from the rock. I pulled out a small container of powder from my backpack, taking some of it and spreading it on my Charmander’s claws. She snorted at the smell but was relieved by the powder as it healed her sore claws. For a few minutes, we sat there and relaxed, enjoying the time as the sun finally peaked over the roof of the school. I figured it was still early enough in the morning for a walk, so let Asharas walk next to me as I picked up my sweater and backpack, hanging them over my shoulders as we took a walk around the grounds.

Normally, I wasn’t a people person; I was at home, surrounded by Pokémon from all over the world. I started learning about Pokémon since I could remember my first days of my life. I didn’t have any of my own back then but I didn’t have any people to play with. My parent’s Pokémon were always there for me, and they listened to me when I wanted to battle them. The only reason I was here was to help with some project to allow the League again. I wanted to travel and battle all sorts of people and become one of the highest ranked Trainers in the world, but more importantly, I wanted to meet and gain the trust of all kinds of new Pokémon. People, I was skeptical about. Sure not all of them were bad, but some were. Yeah some Pokémon weren’t the most pleasant either, but people…just not my thing, too complicated and they got on my nerves. Keeping my distance from these new trainers was going to be hard, and I wasn’t going to put up with any crap from them either. If they left me alone, I left them alone, but immaturity I wasn’t going to stand for. Yes, I was classified as a ‘new trainer’ but I had years of experience with Pokémon already, and that was the thing that set me apart from these people. I had seen Pokémon outside of Kanto, even Johto. Being from Johto, I most likely had seen and knew of other things some of these kids weren’t even aware of. Kids? Yeah sure they were my age, at least some of them, but age meant nothing, they were kids to me until they proved themselves otherwise through wisdom and skill. I wasn’t putting myself above anyone, I had my own level of which I kept myself apart from everyone else. I’ll admit, I didn’t get people, and I wasn’t too sure I wanted to get them. I was happy with just Pokémon , and right now, Asharas was all I needed.

Asharas…as she walked next to me, I could only think of how many things may have deterred me from the path of which I found her; She was gold, and not orange, being told by experts not too long ago, she was known as a ‘shiny Pokémon’. Apparently they were incredibly rare in the wild, even hatching them from an egg like she was, was something even more rare. I wasn’t concerned about her colour, though it was pretty neat I had a very rare Charmander. I was happy she was in my life and not elsewhere, far worse off, or even dead. She gave me a goal in life and it was pretty hard to imagine my life without her. Having your best friend with you for years, someone who seemed was going to be by your side forever, was pretty awesome. I knew forever wasn’t something that was going to be achieved, but I still liked to think of it as forever.


As we made our way back to the Trainer School, I figured it was time to go back to our room and pack up my pack. I went into my temporary room in the loft, and replaced everything in my backpack, knowing some Master of Defense or something was going to protect us on this journey. To be honest I found it a bit of a hypocritical decision, but I wasn’t calling the shots and I suppose it made sense just in case some of the other kids couldn’t handle it. Then again we were trying to prove to whoever called this whole shebang together that we could handle it. That was the one thing I wasn’t sure about in the idea of doing this project. Still, at any time I could leave, I knew I could. May be a downer to my parents but they know I don’t make a decision without at least thinking a bit about it first.

Once my bag was packed, I put Asharas’ Pokeball on my waist band under my sweater, and pulled my hat on. I adjusted the zippers on my vest to make sure they didn’t get stuck, especially on the sleeves to make sure I could unzip them more easily if today ended up being hot. My Charmander garnered herself on my shoulders, careful not to singe my hair once more, or the brim of my hat as we proceeded downstairs for some breakfast. I wasn’t too hungry, and preferred eating right off the bush so to speak, but free food was free food. At this time, no one was really around, at least anyone I bothered to pay attention to at the moment. I picked a corner next to the window, and sat there quietly without a word, having Asharas nibble away at a Razz berry. It wasn’t her favorite berry but she needed the sugar after that hard work out.

As time passed, more people began to walk into the dining hall. I kept to my corner and didn’t say a word. Some of the initial vibes of some people, I didn’t like at first glance. Then again I didn’t like a lot of people at first glance, but this time I was at least trying to get past that bit. There was a blonde kid with a Nidoran, I didn’t like the vibe he gave off. Then another guy with a Psyduck, a Poliwag, a Machop, soon this ‘team’ seemed to be coming together. At least there was Pokémon diversity, but only of the region I noticed. Something interesting to see considering this is where all Kanto Pokémon came from before it was known as Kanto.

I zoned out there, Asharas sitting on my lap. One of the hardest thing about having her, was that her colouring attracted much unwanted attention. Too many comments about how pretty she was, or her rarity, few ever commented on how well she looked physically and how well taken care of she was. Yes, I took great care of Asharas and I made sure that it was clear and shown, but not shown off. My Pokémon meant more to me than my own safety. It may have been a flaw, but I didn’t see it as such.

My thoughts were abruptly startled when some adult barged in through the door. Looking at the time, it was passed eight, which was when we were supposed to have started. As others began gathering around, I stood up lingering behind everyone else. Crowds weren’t my thing and this whole ‘team’ idea didn’t sit comfortably on my shoulders as Asharas did. I could feel her clinging to my shoulder as we walked forward. I heard this new guy ask about something regarding what we were waiting for. To be honest, that was a fairly good question, as I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for either. Before I could even shrug, I heard the blonde kid with the Nidoran speak up in the most sickeningly sarcastic tone possible.

Yep, knew there was a reason I didn’t like this kid. His sarcastic response was so thick, I felt like choking him on it. As the boy with the Psyduck beat me to a comment, his calmed me down just a bit. At least there was someone who wouldn’t get on my nerves…hopefully. Still, that didn’t mean I was going to let it slide.

“Maybe we’re waiting for you to mop up your sarcasm off the floor before we all slip on it, and act with some maturity.” I told him with a calm but firm voice. “He’s a Defensive Master for a reason, and you aren’t a Defensive Master. I’d suggest you shut your yip up and grow a little patience so we can get on our way, rather than having to waste our time, listening to you squawk like you could do a better job.”

Asharas snorted smoke at the disrespectful kid, though gave a look at me. I could tell that look was to be a bit nicer and not so boldly brash towards others. Yeah, I didn’t know the kid, but I’m sorry, the guy was clearly busy with other things, and was appointed Defense Master for a reason. If anyone had a brain, they could figure out he had some skill and important things to do. Before the Nidoran kid could respond, I walked out the dining hall and waited in the hallway for everyone else. I wanted to get a move on as much as some of these people seemed to display, however I wasn’t going to be rude about it. Sure, the kid didn’t say he could do a better job, but it seemed like he may have thought he could. I wasn’t against confidence but I was against a big ego that suffocated everyone else that walked in. Sure, I wasn’t going to be the nicest girl in the group, but I was going to make it clear that no one was to mess with me, or there was going to be very serious problems for them. Asharas didn’t take kindly to disrespectful people either, but she was kinder hearted than I was, I often received looks to be nicer to people. I couldn’t help it, I spoke my mind most times and knew that there were consequences to actions.

Let’s just hope I didn’t have a reason to give anyone their own consequences…


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