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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Amber Greenwood
The streets of Skyspire
Affected RPers: CM (Agana), Brainiac (Corbin), Kamikaze (Darios)

The situation had gone downward very quickly. Had this been in a private place, Corbin’s words would probably have been met with warmer responses. However, being that this was a public space, and that knights just happened to be well within hearing range. It was logical, even for a loudmouth like Amber, that talking about Mages like that wasn’t the best of ideas. Still, there was no denying she would like to fight back. The redhead hadn’t really considered that option too much, going one (wo)man army was total suicide. Besides, being jailed wasn’t worth giving up her freedom.

Yet, something in the stranger’s words ignited a will to rise up. It was, in a way, completely illogical, but Amber wasn’t logic’s best friend either.

Still, the air was so tense it would take an axe to slash through it. Agana had since risen, acquired a drink, and gone to see what looked like an important knight. Maybe even the Captain, which was an impressive role, especially for a female. Her friend, the strong man who’d invited Amber to sit, was also fuming.

She couldn’t blame them either. It was very dangerous, foremost, but could very well run Agana out of business. Something the other woman had likely considered.

"I'm sorry if you misunderstood my comment earlier, I was merely trying to be polite. It might be best to head back to your room, before things here turn ugly. " The man had told her, his voice gentler then she’d been expecting. However, glaring back at Corbin, it was obvious he had not calmed down, merely saved her from his rage.

"You...If you ever pull a stunt like this again, and put me or my friends in harms way, I will see to it that your head is no longer attached to the rest of your body,” judging from his tone, it wasn’t a stretch to say he would back up his threat. "I would advise you to get out of my sight, quickly, and if anything happens to Agana, you'd better be out of the city within the hour, because I will hunt you to the ends of this world and beyond if that is what it takes to end your life."

Corbin only nodded, that being the smartest of his options. He looked solemn, greatly contrasting his previous expressions.

Amber copied his action, now acknowledging the man’s earlier words. “Thank-you for the advice,” she added, hints of exhaustion in her voice, masking the one pleasant tone. If something did happen, however, the redhead wouldn’t sit around like a dumb cluck.

Still, she followed Corbin, and once they were out of range, turned to him.

“Hadn’t you noticed those knights?” was all she could muster, although her tone was neutral, not accusing, but not kind either.

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