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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Name: Akari

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Unsurprisingly, Akari is very oriental in appearance. She has midnight black hair, which would fall beyond her shoulders if not tied into a thick ponytail. However, a decent amount is kept free, these locks loosely frame her pale face. The woman’s eyes are a dark colour, and although it may be hard to distinguish their exact shade, but in well lit areas, one can see that they are brown.

Standing 5’3, she isn’t the tallest of characters. Her weight is perfect, maintained by a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, although she lacks a little in muscle considering the amount of time spent training.

A kimono is most often worn, but since the merger, Akari has acquired more “adventure friendly” threads, in case she would ever need them. A floral graphic, matching her kimono somewhat, can be seen on the sky blue t-shirt. One would note it is quite conservatively cut, a modest U neck and on the long side in terms of length. Paired with this are darker blue jeans, which fit nicely and are clearly still new. For shoes, Akari, rather surprisingly, got some black leather hikers boots with neon green laces.

Personality: At first, it appears Akari has the personality of a typical Kimono girl. She carries herself with feminine grace, speaks in a soft tone and is humbly dedicated to her art. Floral arranging, tea making, along with her traditional Japanese (or Johto if you will) dancing skills make her skill set appear frilly and girly. However, little see the hard work, dedication and discipline it takes to becomes talented in these fields. As such, Akari is become a focused worker and rarely gives up on her goals, even when met with constant failure.

However, like her fellow Kimono girls, she has been trained in the field of archery and Pokémon battle, making Akari less fragile than expected. Actually, despite usually being soft spoken and gentle, she can be really scary if driven off the edge. Her rage is usually tranquil though; she can tear into enemies while keeping her words calm and face straight, eerily enough. Getting to the point of an actual freak out is near impossible, but by that point, it is unlikely Akari will be stable in any way. When the girl is sad, she usually stays composed, although a few tears and wavering expression are common in that state.

One of her key problems is that, despite being a knowledgeable, sometimes wise character, she is quite honor before reason. Devoting more time and energy to take the noble path is something Akari would do in a heartbeat. Getting her to lie about most things is a real chore, although if the situation is dire, the woman can make exceptions. Just don’t expect that to happen at the drop of a hat.

Home World: Johto (Pokémon)

History: Much of Akari’s past revolves around being a Kimono girl. From a young age, she was trained in various traditional arts, including flower arranging and archery. She never really had the time or energy to rebel or try to break from the mould and easily conformed to her intended role.

Learning the Ho-oh legend was important, and after a while, Akari was expected to memorise the tale word by word. She never got to that level, but can still tell the story with ease. Much later in life, she would be allowed inside the Tin Tower (the better name), where the phoenix once resided. It was a marking experience, and ever since, the woman will argue her skills have been finer than before.

Of course, she received an Eevee on her tenth birthday, and was taught how to battle and incorporate the creature into much of her skills. Soon, however, after impressing the others at a rehearsal, was given a second evolution Pokémon as a reward. This was one of the few times she would ever get a prize for her hard work, and saw this as motivation to keep going even harder. He wasn’t easy to raise though, being stubborn and a little lazy, but after some time, the Eevee was almost as skilled as the other.

Since the merger, Akari has continued to refine her talents, secretly enjoying the change in scenery. Little does she know what’s about to happen next.


Yukiko (female Glaceon)
Itsuki (male Leafeon)
Ren (female Ninetales)
Kaito (male Gyarados)

Link: Ho-oh


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