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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by Fluffeh View Post
Finished my Char, if anything is too short I can add more ^^
Other than the Dragonair link not showing the picture, everything looks good. I just got to ask if she's based off of the canon character Lyra. I only ask because I'm not completely sure and not familiar with their Japanese names.

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
Well, because CM is being funny and wants someone else to accept her characters, Menora and Jihl are accepted.
Whenever I have a co-owner, I never accept my own characters. I let my co-owner(s) do that. That's just how I roll X3

Also, for anyone who may want to play Lightning and has read my OC's history, I will change it if you do not agree with Menora and Lightning being childhood friends. I have no problem doing that. Just thought I'd finally say that.
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