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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Name: Kotone
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Clickeh

Personality: Kotone is quite kind and caring and goes out of her way to help pokemon in need. She can be a little too confident in her trainer abilities and tha might make her seem somewhat arrogant at times but she is quite sincere and isn't a sore loser, rather she comes to admire those she looses to and aspires to become like them in her own way. She likes to be spontanious and likes other people who are spontanious aswell. She absolutely adores her pokemon and at any chance she gets she will hug or groom them, well the ones she can groom anyway. She can be a little clumsy and quite ditzy at times. She does do some stupid things like try and give her Sandslash a bath, but she always seems to be able to make up for it. She is loud and sometimes hyper and will gladly talk to and help anyone, or even ask help from someone, she can be a little argumentative however if someone disagrees with something she does or says.
Home World: Pokemon (Johto)

History: Kotone had always aspired to become a trainer while growing up and at the age of tenshe became Professor Elm's assistant. This was a massive leap forward in her eyes, she got to be with many different types of pokemon, she got to learn about them and what they are, she even got to keep and train a few of her own pokemon. She was happy like this, glad she could have friends and glad she could work with pokemon, but as she got older she got bored of the job and wanted to travel to other places and become strong, so she did. She traveled to many other regions and caught many other pokemon and making many new friends, this was what she really wanted.

When she turned 14 she met a group of bad guys named Team Rocket, she helped the best she could to defeat them but they were evil and powerful and even though her and her pokemon team tried to stop them they continued to terrorise her region. She hated this, at that moment she made a pledge to herself to vanquish all evil in the world regardless and so she kept on fighting against Team Rocket. She lost both friends and pokemon during this fight but this only drove her forward, making her even more determined to vanquish the evil that had almost ruined her life. After Team Rocket disbanded for good she trained and trained and traveled and traveled untill she was sure she was strong enough, but even then she kept on finding people who could beat her. Evenso, she still keeps on fighting to hopefull become strong enough to protect everyone from the evil that plagues the earth.

When the clash of the two worlds happened Kotone was both confused and livid, thinking that it was some evil scheme created by another evil organisation, however when she learned of what had actually happened she became openly friendly towards people again and actually offered to help anyone who came to her, regardles of how shady they were. She adapted to the new enviroment and took in everything the pokegovornment was telling everyone. She grew excited about the prospect of new technology, however the thought of evil people or pokemon or any other beings using this new power source for evil was always in her mind, so she made sure to keep an eye out for anyone who seemed incredibly suspicious and/or evil.

Totodile - Blue - M
Zangoose (Shiny) - Slash - M
Sandslash - Digger - M
Dragonair - Lucky - F
Flygon - Sparky - M
Absol - Shade - M
Link: Giratina
Other: Blue and Shade are almost always out of their pokeballs and Slash is blind in his left eye.

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