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Default [WAR XI] Foxamivalth of AWESOME vs. 5TailedDemonLizard of Revolution Uprising.

Battle: Single, 1 Pokemon each.
DQ: 24-hours.
Damage Caps: None.
Restrictions: No OHKOs (including Perish Song and Destiny Bond); three Chills.
Arena: Indigo Plateau: Grass.
A 50' by 50' square arena that is laid out like a grassy garden. Wild flowers bloom everywhere, adding color to the shaggy, uncut grasses. A little patch is mowed for each Trainer to stand on while they call orders to their Pokemon. In the center of the arena, a tall tree stands with vines drooping from its thick branches. Occasionally a berry will fall out of the tree, and any Pokemon can pick it up for a quick bit of healing. Grass-type moves will sometimes receive a slight boost.
Roll 1-100 for every Grass move used. If the roll is less than 30, the move's damage will be multiplied by 1.25. At the end of every turn, roll 1-100. If the roll is less than 30, an Oran berry will fall from the tree. It can be eaten, and it will give the Pokemon who eats it 10% HP.
Ref Style: Open.
5TailedDemonLizard will send her Pokemon.
Foxamivalth will send his Pokemon and moves.
5TailedDemonLizard will post her moves.
Someone will Ref.
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